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    What are your suggestions on the sister sites of ISC?

    A few days back, I came to know about the sister sites of ISC. Today, I went checking one of them - and I could see no recent posts in the forum section except the one regarding the lack of traffic to the site.

    If people could give suggestions on investments and tax planning here, why not there? What is your take on this? I'd be happy to know your valuable suggestions.
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    There are many sister sites of ISC (including the one you have mentioned) and they are having different level of activities and traffic depending upon the members contributing there and people visiting there. I am also contributing in some of them, time to time, like in Techulator, StudyVillage, and IndiaTravelBlog.

    Interested members can definitely contribute in these various sites as per their interest.

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    For that many of the sister site of ISC has been wanting for members and their contributions. If not members the webmaster or the lead editors should visit those sites occasionally and post some thing so that the site would be alive and get going. But over the past few year ISC has come with many spider sites or sister sites, but the presence of members and contributions thereof is nil or minimum. I think the webmaster should take decision on this and close those sites which are not getting patronage from others and members. And ISC alone has proved to better than other site national and Internationally.
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    The other sister sites of ISC are not active as ISC. At the time of announcement of that ISC is transforming and molding into academic site, ISC management asked members to involve in other sites for their contribution. I have contributed several MCQ questions in but till now they were not approved by editors. No editors are visiting these sites and how they become active?

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    India Study is a common site for all Indians irrespective of their region, language and culture. ISC's sister sites belong to a particular regional people. For e.g - Tamil is ISC's sister site that attracts only Tamil members. It is one among many ISC sister sites. It doesn't attract other than the Tamils. I too was a member of that site, but I lost interest as that site is not managed well by the administration. Those sites are not active as expected and is not interesting like this ISC platform.
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    I say the sister sites of ISC are not very active. The contributions there also are very few. I have also registered on all the sister sites of ISC but I rarely visit them. Andhra spider. com is not active I think. I don't know about the other spider. coms. Somehow my attention has not gone there. So I am spending more time here. However, you can visit those sites also once and see whether you may like any of those sites.
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    India Study Channel is a big portal and it has many more sister sites, all the days are found more active on India Study Channel than other sites. I had joined India Study Channel in July 2020, then I did not know about sister sites, but later when I came to know, tried to give contribution on the sites, where I also found that there are some common members who are other occasionally contributing to sister sites as well. But since the contributions of members are not able to be done on other sites in a consistent way, that's why those sites are not very active. I have also found that not only the members but also the editors visit the sites less. I think some more editors should be assigned for other sites too so that they can help other members who actually want to contribute to other sister sites of ISC.

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    Can anyone provide the list of some of the sister sites of ISC or a suitable link where I get to know about them as I am still unknown about sister sites of ISC.

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    Please note that most of the sister sites are no longer active. You can refer to this update given by Tony Sir on which sites you can currently contribute as per their respective niche.

    Ramakrishna Kambhampati - I will forward your concerns to Tony Sir.

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    After I joined ISC, I slightly explored the sister sites existing then. I joined the Kerala spider site(Spider
    But somehow I did not find it interesting as there was very less interaction. Then I did not think about it and forgot my user id and password too.
    Subsequently a site Techulator was started with a good promotion by WM. Many members from ISC joined there as the remuneration at start was very good in comparison to ISC. As I was not at all tech savvy, I did not join it.(not sure whether I joined for taste and then discontinued). I am not a sportsperson and so not joined Sportsvale site.
    Then came the Study village, and India travel blog. As they are all specific subject sites, I did not venture into them. When ISC was oriented or announced to be a full fledged educational site, I felt that I may not be able to sustaining ISC or long , as I am only a generalist and not specialist. But I am happy that still I am able to participate in ISC forum.
    From my layman's guess I feel that either
    (1) the sister sites were not really meant to be widely popular and were started to satisfy certain criteria or business needs,
    (2) did not become successful due to lack of professional writers on the specific subject.

    A specialist site cannot become successful with generalist amateurs.
    I do not forget that there were some good WMs in some of the sister sites. Dwindling returns will keep good content writers away, and I guess that also happened. As ISC is an open general site(though favouring education) it will not suffer from brain drain, as new brains are always coming in.

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    @ Dev Arora #735492,

    There wren many discussions in this forum regarding the sister sites of ISC. I am giving link to some of them from where you can gather the list of ISC sister sites. I am not sure how many of them are active or valid now.

    Which are the sister sites of India Study Channel?
    Sister sites of IndiaStudyChannels
    What are sister sites of ISC to increase income?
    Discuss: Why ISC sister concern sites are not fruitful?
    Why Sister sites of ISC are not doing well?

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    The sister sites were created with good intention to have inclusive traffic on the local issues and matters for which the sites were created. Initially there was good response for the spider sites and even the advertisement revenues were forthcoming. But over the passage of time maintaining the sites has become big problem and more over the editors are not ready to take up the job and therefore the webmasters are also helpless to revive the same. It is better to close the sites and fully concentrate on the flagship ISC which is growing leap and bounds. Hope other members would also support me.
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    Kindly refer to this thread regarding the sister sites of ISC.

    In addition to the list of sites mentioned in that thread, we have also launched a new site called Social Village, which is a generic site that would allow any kind of topics. In future, we expect to move a lot of non-education content from ISC to this site.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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