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    Our daily practice well mentioned in Samskrit manuals many years back itself

    We are all now skipped many of our routine which is to be followed in our daily life by saying 'no time' etc., But our daily practice well mentioned in Samskrit manuals many years back itself. The problem is from our side that we ignored the words alerted by our elders
    a) Ajeerne Bhojanam visham:
    The dinner will be equivalent to poison when previously taken lunch is not digested. That is what our elders told to eat when feel hungry only.
    b)Ardharogahari nidhraa:
    Many of us presently run our day and night without proper sleep. Proper sleep cures half of your diseases is the meaning of this phrase.
    c)Mudhgadhaali gadhavyaali:
    Green grams (pachchapayaru/payathamparuppu in Tamil) is best one among all the pulses. It boosts immunity power and other pulses all have one or other side effects
    d) Bagnaasthi sandhaanakaro rasonaha:
    Garlic even joins broken bones
    d)Athi sarvatra varjaayeth:
    Anything consumed in excess is not good for health. Though the taste found good consumption should be moderate. 'Alavukku minjinaal amirthamum visham' phrase in Tamil which means nector too a poison if taken more.
    e)Naasthimoolam anoushadam:
    There is no vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body
    f)Na vaidhyaha prabhuraayushaha:
    Doctors have limitations as no doctor is Lord of our longevity
    g)Chitaa vyaadhi prakaashaya:
    This is most important as many suicides of nowadays are based on worry. The meaning of this phrase is Worry aggravates ill health
    h)Vyayaamascha sanaihi sanaihi:
    Do any exercise slowly and speedy exercise is not good.
    i)Ajavath charyanam kuryaath:
    Swallowing food in a hurry should be avoided and chew your food like a goat as saliva aids first in digestion.
    j)Snaanam naama manahprasaadhanakaram dhuswapna vidhwasanam:
    Regula bathing is inevitable as bath removes depression and it drives away bad dreams
    k)Na snaanam aachareth bhukthvaa:
    Never take bath immediately after taking food as digestion is adveresly affected
    l)Naasthi meghasamam thoyam:
    No water matches rainwater in purity
    m)Ajeerne bheshajam vaari:
    Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water
    n)Sarvathra noothanam sastham sevakaanne puraathanam:
    Always prefer things that are fresh. Old rice and old servant need to be replaced with new. Avoid consuming old foods on any account.Here the inner meaning in respect of servant is not to terminate old servants but change his duties.
    o)Nithyam sarvaa rasaabhyaasaha:
    Our daily normal food should contain all tastes namely salt, sweet.bitter, sour, astringent and pungent as it is the complete food to one human.
    p) Jataram pooryedhardham annahi:
    While eating fill your stomach half with solids, quarter with water and rest leave it empty.
    q) Bhukthyopa visathasthandraa:
    Never sit idle after taking food, walk for at least half an hour
    r)Kshuth saadhuthaam janayathi:
    Hunger increases the taste of the food. It emphases that eat only when hungry.
    s) Chinthaa jaraanaam manushyaanaam
    Worrying speeds up your ageing
    t)Satham vihaaya bhokthavyam:
    When it is time for food keep even 100 jobs aside. This is very important to the present people as many of us skip breakfast/lunch/dinner by saying work is there, no time)
    u)Sarvaa dharmeshu madhyamaam:
    Choose always the middle path and avoid going for extremes in anything.
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    My sincere thanks to the author for coming out with old manuals saying of the Sanskrit which has thrown enough information, but we are not unconcered not taken time to go into the deep of what has been said. We had enough expereince on Ajeerne Bhojanam visham which clearly implies that when we those food which are not to the likes of the body, it will reject and the next morning we feel like drowsy or fatigue. Like wise we had enough experience on Ardharogahari nidhraa which specifies that if the sleep is not right and good, the next day would be hell lots of confusion and feel like lost in the life. And what I liked is Sarvaa dharmeshu madhyamaam, that means instead of choosing this extreme or the that extreme, chosing middle path would be more productive and that cannot be questioned further because we are nuetral.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A systematic way of living gives good health. Our eating habits will have a lot of say on our health. My grandfather used to say that we should not eat if there is no hunger. He used to say we should have correct routines that keep our health in our control. Too much eating, eating junk food, not sleeping till midnight and getting up very late in the morning are never advisable. Once we have a systematic life we will have peace of mind also. The various points mentioned by the author are really good and should be followed by all.
    always confident

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