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    Phrases we are hearing daily though knowing they are not truth

    In our daily life we are hearing the following phrases though we knows that they are not true.
    *Vegetable seller: Just picked this morning only
    *Tea shop person: this vada prepared only now
    * Medical shop person: Name is only different but same medicine, in fact this is good one than that
    *Real estate man: Near the main road, water available in ten feet, many industries are coming near
    *Sales representative: This offer is goes with today
    *Conductor: This bus is point to point, no stopping in the middle
    *School children: Stomach pain, Ma
    *Friend: I will give treat surely
    *Husband to wife: today your cooking found super
    *Wife to husband: Anyhow, I do this by telling a word to you.
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    Very interesting compilation by the author. People use these phrases day in and day out but whether they really mean it is a big question. When a person asks about genuinity of a product or item or feasibility of an action, no one says that it is bad or not available or cannot be done. This is a common human psychology to present their material or item as good otherwise no one will buy them. In a way it might look like cheating, but that is the way the things move ahead in real life situations.
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    The author made very good observation about the human behavior to escape the truth and they try to give different versions to the belief of us and we also agree. The author has forgotten most said words No Problem. Some people have this to say if we approach them for help or favor. But I recieved a unsual reply from the bus terminal manager when I was in Delhi. When asked him when the particular route number bus would come, he said Aayegi to jayegi. That was humor reply to which I cannot control the laugh. So people are using such phrases to please us or to get rid of their immediate responsibility to convince.
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    Think of the vendor selling vegetables and claiming that those things are fresh and arrived that morning. Even if the vendor doesn't say such things some people will purchase from the vendor if the vegetables look fresh and the price is reasonable. In all the cases mentioned in the thread, some vendors/people tell a lie and know that others are very much aware of these lies in general. To prove they are correct and with an expectation that others will believe their statements they try to give emphasis to such phrases.

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    These phrases which the author has collected may be true or false as well.

    Veg vendor: Generally, vegetables are fresh. A customer can come to know by glancing at the vegetable if it is fresh or not

    Tea shop person: he may or may not be right.

    Medical shop person: Generic medicines give him more profit. It is possible that salt of both generic and branded company is same?

    Real estate man: He has to sell his plot at any cost because his boss will.not give him commission

    Sales Representative; He has to complete his target

    School going child: Probably he might have not done his homework.

    Bus conductor: He is an government employee

    Friend: He can't run away from his promise

    Husband and wife: Both have unfriendly relations nowadays.

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    A nice thread with wonderful examples is presented by the author. Whatever phrases the author has told, we naturally see in our everyday life, and well it is a lie but still, some of them would have been adopted by pretending to be true. In fact, it happens that we are also involved in these lies somewhere, our demand is from the vegetable seller to the vegetable, while we also know that this is not possible for every vegetable seller and most of the stored We will bring vegetables only, but since we have no other option, we satisfy ourselves by pretending to accept it as the truth. Similar is the case with other examples as well, but yes the excuse of stomach ache in children is mostly spread because now parents do not want to compromise with studies in any situation. I think sometimes we enjoy this because we know we are making a fool by someone but can not do anything.

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    A good attempt by the author to bring the very commonly heard sentences in one place. Yesterday I ordered some vegetables online. Today he brought them. I asked him. 'Are they fresh?'. He told me that he collected from the field just today morning only. The same is also mentioned in this post. Many times we hear these words. These are all their marketing strategies and we all know that they will definitely exaggerate the qualities. Unless otherwise we are satisfied we should not purchase. This fact is known to them also. But they will try their best. This is all in the game.
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