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    I want to know some thing

    I want to earn from but I don't have an approved AdSense account am i unable to earn from here?
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    Hi, Jayanta Das, You are warmly welcome in ISC. Yes, you can earn from ISC even without Adsense. The good news is that you can also get your Adsense account approved by contributing to ISC. First of all, you can go to the link given below to know how ISC works.
    Help topics

    ISC is one of the top educational portal websites in India. There are many sections in ISC whereby contributing you can learn as well as earn. Many contests are also held here regularly in which cash prizes are given. If you have any doubt in your mind then you can ask in the forum section without any hesitation. Editors, members, and webmasters are always here to assist you.


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    Jayanta Das, welcome to ISC!

    You have just joined ISC and it will take time to start earning from your posts. To earn from your posts, the most important thing is the quality of your contributions and consistency. First of all, please go through the various Help Topics and surf through various sections to read the posts. There you will get an idea about what kind of posts are encouraged and how the site functions. You also need to know How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense and follow the tips mentioned there. Remember one thing. ISC is an Academic Portal and the more you post on topics related to academics, the chances of earning will be more.


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    Welcome Jayanta to the most happening educational website of world concerned to the welfare of the student community and we are the most transparent channel concerned to performance and the earning. While we do not promise a windfall earning , but a decent earning can be planned as we give good cash credits to the best written article on any subject. As long as you maintain the creative way of writing the content on your earn, there is no dearth for the earning and awards. Please go through the articles section and read the resources and that will give you more insight about the site working and earning potential.
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    Warm Welcome Jayanta Das. Start contributing to this site in various sections. Before going ahead see the following links so that you will understand more about the site.
    1. Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines
    2. A comprehensive guide for new members.
    3. How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense
    4. India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    By going through these links you will have a better idea about the site and you can start your journey.

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    A warm welcome Jayanta,
    First of all, for your information, let me tell you that you have become a member of a very good portal, here you will not only earn but at the same time you will also get to learn a lot. First of all, go to the important links which have been suggested by other authors and start getting the related information. You select the Forum section to start your writing. Various threads are posted daily in the forums by multiple authors and other authors give feedback on the same. You also submit your threads and give responses to other threads, in a few days you will start increasing your knowledge about ISC itself. Initially, you will get points for your contributions and if your content quality is good then surely you will get money also. One more suggestion is that do not think about cash in the initial time, this time is to learn more than earn.

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