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    What is meant by budget phone ?

    Google and Jio are coming up with budget phones targetting the largest customer base of ever wanting market of cell phones. We all know each one of the Inidans have one or two cell phones for varied reasons but by budget phones what that exactly mean. We know when Reliance came up with the CDMA technology phone for the first time in India along with Tata group, that was simplest phone with no feature and yet the company demanded 23,000 for threee years no invoice scheme. Then also it was called the budget phone ? So that is why this thread.
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    In my opinion, a budget phone is a phone with all good features with less price and that will be within reach of the lower-middle-class families also. In India, the major percentage of the population is the lower middle class only. If a lower-middle-class person can purchase an item, we can say there will be a good demand for that item. These days mobiles are necessities. Everyone wanted to have a mobile. Rich people can spend a good amount. But if the cost is very high lower-middle-class people can't go for it. So if the manufacturer can come out with a reasonably good item within the reach of them, the demand for that product will be high.
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    There is no budget phone as such. It is intended to enlarge the business and control the market. Once a customer purchases a phone along with a sim of a company he does not discard it easily. Elon Musk is coming to India and when he will cover the market jio and all other remaining companies will find it difficult to stay in the market.
    The current average internet speed in India is 12 Mbps but Elon Musk's Starlink project will provide speed up to 150 Mbps at a lower price.
    I think this is only a preparation from reliance jio to create problems for the foreign company.

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    As per my understanding, often the manufacturers make the product as per the market requirement, due to which different price levels are fixed according to the different market requirements. Because of this, it is obvious that the quality of the product is also decided accordingly.

    The same is done in the case of smartphones which includes premium, flagship, budget, and mid-range smartphones, etc.

    Premium smartphones are like limited edition phones and are expensive too. Which companies build only for a few people. Like doing some particular handicraft work on the cover of the phone etc.

    The flagship phone is the best phone the company has ever produced, with the best quality and latest technology in everything. Because of this, the price of this phone is also high. Companies keep on launching new flagship phones in the market at some interval of time.

    Then comes the mid-range phone which lacks some features in the case of flagship mobiles. In making it, it may be that in many places everything is not the latest and top-quality work. But so much care is taken that the user experience is very similar to the flagship phone.

    In budget phones, it is taken care that the end-user gets the best specifications, that too at a low price if compared it's price with flagship, premium and mid-range phone.

    It is important to know here that the low price means that the budget phone costs less than the flagship product. For example, if the flagship phone costs Rs 1 lakh, then its budget phone can be 50 thousand rupees.
    Secondly, maybe another company's flagship phone can cost Rs 20000. Whose budget phone can be 5000 rupees. Here the flagship phone of this company is much cheaper than the budget phone of other company.

    In this way the price of budget phones is not always low or expensive. It depends on the companies that produce these products, material used, and on the way they are manufactured.


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    Normally the word budget associated with the low price and in that case how come great features can be available.
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    The success of a product would depend upon the response of the customers. Last time, we have witnessed the success of Jio Phone. The manufacturers in this segment may judge the purchasing capacities of their customers and accordingly they will launch the products. Hence at this stage, we cannot infer how exactly the customers would react with the new products. If the features are attractive and speed of the same is reasonable, the low priced version of mobile in India would definitely be popular.

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    Under a budget phone, we can expect to get the features of the phone at the least cost. This is what almost every company is providing in today's time, and mobile phones are being made so convenient that a small one can do almost everything, but it is a matter of how much it is costing. Most of the consumers want that they can get all the features at least amount or in their budget, this phone will be able to become a budget phone. So a phone with all the necessary facilities that it should be on it and within our budget could be the best version.

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    When we say budget phone or budget car or any budget appliance then the layman meaning of the term is always low price. Now it is up to the manufacturer that how much features it can include in it to attract the buyer at a reasonable price. Due to a large number of middle class and lower middle class people the budget items generally survive in the market but the fact of the matter is that deep in ones heart one always aspires for the premium segment items as they have significantly more functions and attractions. So, the user of budget items also yearn for the costliest ones may be later in their lives. So the manufacturers know these details well and create a budget product and harp on its large scale sale to make the profit as due to cut throat competition the margin in the budget items will be less. The companies will have so many products and budget item will be only a type of advertisement for them as ones it gets into the masses it becomes a brand and when a company establishes a brand in the market its future becomes secured. So something appearing as a budget item to us might be a long time advertising strategy for the company.
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