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    Why perseverance absent in good governance promise ?

    Be it state govt or the central govt some good schemes are initiated but get fizzled out for the lack of perseverance thus very purpose of the scheme gets ridiculed. And some schemes are also started by big companies but later no word of it and thus the money collected was gone. The freedom 251 cell phone some time back was booked by many as the offer was by a fake company called Ringing bells and neither the govt nor any public lodged a complaint about this scam. There must be a watchdog on the schemes announced and then take action if not implemented.
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    How the central government and states governments can not succeed to implement their schemes I can't understand. All good schemes are praised by people and are accepted happily.
    The author has raked up the issue of the freedom 251 mobile scheme launched in 2016. It was a big fraud but directors of the company were not arrested or no legal action was taken against them. Where was the scam? How much money did the company loot?
    I don't see any scam in it. It was promised by the company to pay Rs 251/- at the time of delivery of the gadget. What was wrong with it?
    The so-called scam exposed all these companies to how much amount they earn from customers when a company could sell their phone at Rs 251/- only. It was said that the cost of the mobile was Rs 250/- only on which Rs 1/- was profit to the company.
    Now the episode is the part of the past. All truths, lies, hearsays are buried now.

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    Announcing plans and not completing them has always been an aspect of the government's framework. We cannot say that there is only the negligence of the government in the failure of proper implementations of these schemes, but a big system is responsible behind it and that system is the system of corruption. When a scheme is announced at the central or state level, it goes through a long process, and in this process, many greedy people are already in the queue to take advantage of the scheme themselves and thus till the benefit of the scheme reaches the beneficiary section, by the time it reaches, its form has changed.

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    There is big difference between announcing something and implementing and executing it. The reason is very simple that the machinery below is not going to implement it blindly. There are issues of corruption and vested interests everywhere. Also, many times, the process is not mapped in the system properly and announced for political benefits. Making promises is easy but until the people below who are supposed to execute it, take it seriously nothing is going to happen and many schemes die on the way like that. So, we can also say that it is a big failure of our system where in spite of so many people employed for the purpose and so many seniors to check and control them, we do not achieve the implementation of so many schemes and plans. In Govt system the maximum punishment is suspension and after the enquiry all of them are reinstated and paid their pending emoluments. Good governance requires many stern actions which are somehow missing from our system. If someone includes them, then agitation by the employees backed by political entities starts.
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    The law should immediately act on cheaters and that should be voluntary and compulsory.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Planning is something different from execution. We can plan certain things but during execution, we may get many problems and we may leave them in between.
    After starting a scheme with good intentions, generally, it will not get stopped in between. It will be implemented successfully. But in government departments, the implementation will be done by the bureaucrats. If they are not sincere or if they are not interested they may delay the implementation and slowly the program will lose its charm and people will forget the same.
    There are some people who want to make many by cheating others. Such people announce their projects in a big way to attract the public and they collect money but later on, they reverse the board. Many times heard such incidents. Many people might have lost money also. The losers go to court and it will take a long time to get the case settled. So we should make sure ourselves before investing in such projects.

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