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    Even if someone not helps you, he can still be your well-wisher.

    When a small child starts walking, initially he is supported by his family members so that he can stand and then walk by holding their hand, for some time people hold his hand, but after an extend they leave the hand of the child. , yet stay close to him so that if he falls, they can save him. But if the child becomes dependent, then the family members help him less so that he learns to walk on his own and it happens that the child starts walking by holding on to things like bed, sofa, wall, etc. and one day he starts walking normally without any support.

    Many times we get many such examples when we feel that our own people are not helping us, especially our parents, but whenever such a state of mind arises, always calm yourself down and think carefully. You will find that even if not directly but indirectly, your family is always with you, and this thinking will motivate you so that you can solve the problem yourself and make yourself self-reliant.
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    What I believe that a well wisher need not help us always. If we has good thoughts about us that is enough because helping others at a time needed may not suit to many for their own reasons and for that we need not brand them as non well wishers. By the way when the near and dear ones and the relatives are showing cold eye towards us, how can we blame others who are well wishers and for the situation beyond their control we cannot seek their help. The other day one of my freind wants me to part with 1000 rupees immediately and I was in the middle of death anniversary ceremony and cannot even lift the phone or see message. He might have got hurt for not helping or lifting the phone or reading the message, but my situation was later explained to him for which he felt sorry and he could understand the situation.
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    Helping and well-wishing are two different qualities. There may be many well-wishers to us. But all of them may not be able to help us. Even people whom we don't know may also help us if the need comes.
    Many of our friends will always wish that all of us should be well. But when a need comes some people may be able to help us and some may not be due to many reasons. With that, we can't say that they are not our friends. Sometimes we may not be able to help a relative but we will talk to them and we will wish them all the best. That we will do as their well-wishers.

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    Only a few persons like our parents, siblings, some of relatives or friends may be our good wishers but nowadays well-wishers are on verge of extinction except parents. Our priorities should be that we should not take help from others.
    In today's world if anybody scolds you for doing any wrong activity believe me he is your good wisher as he cares about you. If you are falling into crime or harmful activities or destroying your career most people would be happy to see this condition.
    Today's society is completely changed, if you show your sympathy and stop someone from doing a wrong activity he would not heed to you because he does not welcome any suggestion from any other person.

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    Why not? One can always be a well-wisher without helping a person. We help others according to our capability and if you are not capable at any point in time you won't be able to help another person. Even in that case also you feel happy and wish the other person to do well. Our feelings about others can always create problems. We can feel anything about anybody but actually, it will be of little use if it goes the other way. If these feelings are in a negative direction it will cause worries and will demoralize us. If there is no help from any quarters do not worry and there is no need to feel that our near and dear ones are not helping us. Instead, we have to walk alone. Here I would like to quote a song of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. His famous song 'Jodi Tor Dak Shune Keu Na Ase Tobe Ekla Cholo Re' motivates us with the message "If no one responds to your call, then go your own way alone".

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    The author is perfectly right. We cannot expect help from others and the help of others would be possible only we are eligible for that.
    Fifteen days back my elder brother came to aunt's house for getting second dose of vaccination. Where casually called the auto driver known to my aunt, he took him to the health center and easily finished the work without waiting in the queue etc. Yesterday, my turn has come for second dose of vaccination, I came here and my aunt told the previous matter and called the same driver to take me. Driver came and dropped me at the vaccination center and left immediately by saying,'sir, there is no crowd, please get the injection and call me once it is over, I will come after finishing another urgent work'. That driver is well known to me also but his help was not effected on that day. I remember the phrase you will get only what you deserve.

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