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    You can't stop sleeping because of the fear of a bad dream.

    If someday a bad dream occurs, then the next morning it feels very strange, dry, and sad. Even without wanting, we remember that nightmare again and again, even when we know that it was a dream but still it is capable of making us sad in real life because we are allowing it to do so.

    It is very good that God has not given us control over the power to sleep and we sleep even if we do not want to, otherwise, man is so adept at torturing himself that he stops sleeping to keep himself away from nightmares.

    Just as we cannot stop the process of sleeping because of bad dreams, we should not stop our efforts towards our goals due to bad experiences or failure. Continuity is an important aspect of life, just as we are making a continuous life every day, in the same way, making a continuous effort every day also an important aspect.
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    What I feel that dreams are the manifestation of the things to which we get deeply involved in the life and same would be reflecting during the night. Some times the exact way and sometimes in the fantasy way. Many of us also experienced the horror dreams during the night because we would watched such a film last night before going to bed. Just because we had some good sweet dreams , that is not going to be reality, likewise the bad dreams are also pass out and we should forget. One thing is sure, those who really worked hard in the day , the dreams will not come and he goes for sound sleep.
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    It is not possible to avoid sleep with a fear of bad dreams. That is true. Oneday we have fear and we may not be able to get sleep but the next day you will get into sleep automatically. If not 2nd day, it will happen on the 3rd day. That is the fact.
    As mentioned by the author we can't stop working with a fear of failure. Success and failure are the two sides of a coin. As a human being, we want to be successful always. But sometimes we may fail. That should not get us depressed.. We can't stop working. Failure or success. It is all in the game. So you have to take the outcome to your heart. You have to leave behind the failures and start freshly your nest works and do your best for reaching your targets or goals.
    Some people start the work and stop in between with a fear of failure. That will be very costly and they have to pay heavy penalties for such things.

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    Yes. We don't have the power over the sleep. Because if we had, we might not have been sleeping in between our work or sleeping during the class hours in our school and college days. One day we may have bad dreams bringing fear, which in turn, might prevent us from sleeping. But the other day, we might be driven by the tiredness to just put ourself in bed.
    It's very nice of you to compare the bad dreams with bad experiences. Everyone had faced both of them, and if not, have yet to face them. We should never be upset with both of them.
    But there is a difference in sleep and success. When we fight forward to achieve success, we may happen to face failures. This'll be so stressing for the person, and atlast, forcing him to give up. One has control over what to do, but not on sleep. Human has no control over his emotions, sleep, and his hunger.

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    It is said that our dreams are reflection of events or incidents which happen during day and affect our mind. I don't think people can stop to.sleep because of nightmares. I don't know how many people are scared of nightmares. The author has written about such people.
    Our elders would advise us what to do if anybody has bad dreams.
    A: To sputter left side and change your side of sleeping.
    B: Dont put your hand on your chest.
    C: Drink water and forget the bad dream
    D: Take right side to sleep or sleep on back.
    E: Don't sleep on stomach.
    F: Wash your hands up to elbow, face and feet before going to bad.

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    Dreams may be of bad or sweet nature depending upon the activities of the last days. The events seen in the dream would be quite surprising sometimes when we could see such events not connected with the past events such as witnessing fishes, boats, wall - clocks etc. However according to the astrology, if we witness some marvellous articles in the dreams, we may hear some good news in future. Similarly seeing a bad dream is the result of our constant negative emotions of the previous day. According to psychologist, witnessing dreams are the normal phenomenon which always occurs prior to deep sleep. If the sleep cycle is deep, we forget the dreams seen in the last night.

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