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    Even the AP want to conduct SSC and Inter exams, SC stalled

    When the government proposes the SC disposes. This is the clear case where in the AP government has made all arrangement to conduct SSC and Inter exams and even drawn the plan. But the SC has stalled the action by saying there is no fool proof method as to how they would conduct the exam ensuring full safety for the students , thus the exams were cancelled. It seems for the one and a half years the education has been gone from bad to worse as there is no firm plan with any state government regarding ensuring total safety of life to the students. Where are we heading.?
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    I support Supreme Court in this. The government is behaving foolishly. There is no proper infrastructure to conduct the examinations following all the COVID protocols. The opposition party and many people are asking the government to follow the procedures followed by other states. Almost 18 states in the country cancelled the examinations and promoted the students. Last year AP also did the same. As such why they are rigid in conducting the examinations. They have not finalised the timetable. The students of the state are worried. Students from all other states are making arrangements for joining the next class. But the students of this state are still waiting for the examination dates.
    The Supreme Court was not asked the government to cancel the examinations. They wanted the government to submit a detailed plan for conducting the examinations following all COVID protocols. The government was not able to submit that and the State education minister announced the cancellation of examinations.

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    But the government has submitted full preparedness report to the court.
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    Supreme Court told that the information submitted is not full and the arrangements are not enough. The Court asked whether the government is ready to pay compensation of Rs.1 crore per head if required. After this, the government decided to cancel the examinations. Even parents are not ready to send their children to school. They are all worried. In some districts of AP, there are some cases. That is why the parents are worried.
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    No matter how many well-planned preparations the government may make, but in the time of this epidemic, I also think the decision of the Supreme Court is correct. I do not give due to the fact that the level of education is important and in its smooth conduct of examination is an essential factor but we cannot take the risk with the life of the students. Even after the first wave, when the government had presented its preparations, it was thought that now the effect of the second wave will not be there in India, but we are all aware of the truth of the situation, in such a situation whether the government is of the state or of the center. To trust anyone would be to risk life. After all, education is an important aspect of life but not the whole life. We have already aware that many states already decide to postpone the exam or adopting the promotional system for the next class, which seems better than conducting exams on an offline basis.

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    This is not the time of any risk for any examination since the situation is really bad in terms of safety of the students. Though the numbers are less, but still it is prevailing. Nothing is more important than the safety of our health and we should not encourage any unsafe practices at this stage. Though the students are suffering a lot due this pandemic phase, but they would not loose the year with the revised date of examination. They should have the patience and prepare for the examination with the cool manner. They are sure to get the chance of their examinations once the situation improves.

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