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    Are the voters fed up with the National parties ?

    We have been seeing in recent past that the regional parties are emerging as good winners against the formidable national parties which has good finance and muscle power to fight elections against small and state parties. It is seen that the local voters of respective states are giving credence to their own regional parties and not giving vote to the BJP or Congress. Is that proves, the national parties need to connect to the regional aspirations of the voters, or the regional parties have beome more stronger than the national parties ?
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    State elections are contested on regional issues whereas parliamentary elections are held on big and national issues. BJP has been ruling for the last seven years and some people who are not happy with the performance of the government are still waiting for their dreams of good days to come true. The author always comes in support of the government, so most probably he must be happy with the government.
    The question which the author has raised in this thread about others, I think he should clarify his views about both national parties, especially, about bjp because it is in the centre. Is he fed up with bjp or not ?

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    My views is on BJP as well as Congress who has to change their strategies.
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    ^ You mean to say that you are fed up with bjp and congress ?

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    Mostly we talk about parties but I think we should keep more focus on person or politician. It does not matter from which party they belong to but the thing that is matters is their stability. We can find instability in today's government as leaders or members are continuously changing their parties or joining other parties. I am from MP here the regional party is BJP and as we know the central party is also BJP, so I don't have any choice to select which one is best but yes I have a choice to choose between leaders.

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    I am not fed up, but the voters mind reflects as such.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't think so. The voters view the state elections in a different way and centre elections in a different way. The candidate who contests for MLA post may be known to many people in that constituency as the area is small and he will more contacts with local supunch and other small leaders. So they will influence the voters and get the votes. But in MP elections the candidates will be in touch with the MLAs and district Parishad chairman etc but not with all surpunchs. That will make a lot of difference.
    In South India, we see that almost all states are having some regional parties who are having a lot of hold on the voters. But in North India, it is a different ball game. There national parties will play an important role.
    Even all regional parties may not do well in states. Only some regional parties where there are good leaders who lead the party well may win.

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    The question is Do we take the politicians seriously? Elections are fought on issues and whoever focuses more on the issues which are troubling people have the edge over others. In politics, no political party is formidable. The important thing is how closely they are connected to people and this also depends on the local leadership. The political parties have to find out the aspirations of people and work accordingly. If a particular party has strong local leaders capable to take on the other parties then there is a chance for that party to do well in elections. If the equation changes during the next election the other party may emerge as the winner. Time and leadership have a significant role here.

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    I am worried by the trends exhibited in election after elections and the general mentality of our people.
    Immediately after our Independence Indian National Congress party was seen as a symbol of patriotism , freedom spirit and unity. For many years there was practically no alternative to it. But as years went by and the old freedom struggle time generation of selfless leaders started dwindling, a new breed started taking over the party. Much of the core values people identified Congress with started vanishing. Naturally people also felt disillusioned with the party. Then slowly people saw there was another choice available which had still some selfless leaders,and choose that party to rule. Thus Janata party and still years later BJP/NDA came to rule at Centre.
    However the degradation of monolith Congress gave rise to many splinters from it exploiting the new growing regional sentiments and parochial motives. This has both pros and cons. However when the national party(parties) lost their command and Pan Indian presence, the regional parties became dominant and made the national party a minor partner,that also for their own sake.

    What I consider proper and just is a situation like a Garland in which separate beads or flowers are hanging individually but well fastened to a single thread which binds them all. That is,national minded,Pan India party or parties should fill the Parliament and rule at centre and their friendly similar policy-ed regional parties should rule at states. That will be the right blend for national as well as regional development and welfare.

    If people feel disillusioned with national parties then that will be dangerous to a sovereign nation . That situation will be exploited by interests inimical to our nation.All serious minded people and political parties should take remedies to rectify the defects and deficiencies in the existing national parties and re-awaken and strengthen them for a good democratic functioning.

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    If we see the history of politics in our country after the independence, we find that some regional parties are becoming very strong and powerful and even the top ranking national parties are not able to venture in those regions. The basic reason might be the satisfaction of the common and especially poor masses with the regional parties as they are providing many free ration or other schemes to them. There could be other reasons like fear of the power and local influential people and not to vote against them otherwise the poor or other people will be harmed. Whatever be the reasons good or illogical, the fact is that national parties have to do a lot of homework and ground work in those regions before making a place there. So, it is not that people are fed up with the national parties and ignoring them in those regions. The national parties are not able to penetrate the local shields wherever present to block them for entering there.
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