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    Have you ever had a curiosity to meet the ISC team?

    I am not a very old member of ISC but still since I joined ISC in July 2020, I have shared my opinion with many authors through threads as well as welcome the opinion of other authors. Now I feel as if I am an employee of a company where there are many other employees too, some of them are my seniors, and some may be juniors. It's a great experience when I feel like a part of ISC, and with other writers, I feel as if we've gotten to know each other's thoughts through our threads. When I posted a thread I have expected some specific responses from some specific authors and them actually response as per my expectation, It may also happen with others too, that is why I mentioned we know each other to some extend. I would also like to know from other members too whether you have also experienced such curiosity, and do you ever hope that through some event of ISC, all of us writers can meet to each other?
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    I remember there was a contest two or three years back in which an imaginary meet of members of ISC is mentioned by some authors.
    Sometimes I also feel that we should meet. But it may not be possible as we are all in different places and scattered across the country.
    Mohan stays in Hyderabad and I am also from Hyderabad. So sometimes we will talk to each other on the phone and contact through WhatsApp. Sometimes we think of meeting but as the situation outside is not good we couldn't meet.
    If we are really interested all the members staying in nearby places can plan a get-together. For example, in Hyderabad, there may be a minimum of 5 or 6 members. If all of them are interested they can plan a get-together.
    One of my relatives was very active on Facebook. So he used to plan a meet with all his friends in the place he was visiting. I attended such a meeting with him in Hyderabad once.

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    I have many times mentioned that even though ISC is a virtual platform or space, and none of us have met each other, I feel as if we are interacting face to face in ISC forum.

    (Just a few would have met or known each other before or after joining ISC, like Mohan and Rao, but that may be a microscopic minimal number).

    The profile picture at left corner of a post is not a dull badge or logo, but it makes a feeling that the member is sitting right in front.

    It is this feeling which makes us discuss matters very decently and in a cool and civil manner, a mature discussion among matured and serious persons. How real and truthful members consider ISC forum is displayed by the various salutations, as if they are addressing a person in front.

    Hence each of us will have a mental picture of another member,at least the frequent active members. Many times I also wished if I could met any of them. As the message section is visible to all, we cannot have any direct private messaging. That restricts the more close understanding of each other, other than by what is coming our by their posts. This is one reason that ISC members are not able to meet in person even though they may be in the same state, same district or even in the same city.

    Some of us mooted some suggestions for such meets earlier. The sentiment may be still there in many members' minds.

    It may be interesting to read the following threads reflecting the sentiment.
    Will you be able to recognise another ISC-ian if you accidentally meet him/her?
    Can ISC make a small meet for its members?
    I am disappointed that I missed a chance to meet a fellow ISCian
    Is it possible to meet Managing Editor of ISC in person after taking prior appointment?

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    I have some time back suggested the webmaster to have the meeting of at least senior members who stood by the site for long period and even suggested that those who are the regular advertisers to our channel can be roped up for sponsoring the event but that was not taken. Personal meet and interaction would be the great experience and I am sure even new members can be brought to the event. As told by Rao , I do talk to him when ever I felt free or having any doubts or inquiring about his welfare. We have become so bonded to the site and familiar with the names as we interact daily. At least a whats app group can be created to rope in all the members who are active and have the voice or video calling and even some important contest ad events can be informed through the group for best connectivity and lasting relations.
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    With my stint in this channel for nearly six years, I had the opportunities to convey greetings with some of the members for their success in any events and even though I had the strong urge to make some connections with them but that has remained unfulfilled due to various reasons and the primary reason being my relocation in Bokaro Steel City where no other member is from that region.
    However, I get a lot of satisfaction with the views expressed by the members in some particular topic and it appears that their views are closely matching to my views. Indirectly, I have been benefited with my involvement in this site for getting excellent ideas of the members on various topics which are really encouraging.

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    I come from a small town in U.P. I don't think any other member of ISC belongs to my state. Interacting each other while posting our views about different topics makes ISCians closer to one another.

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    We are interacting with each other, in a group of course, but that is sufficient to give us a picture of all the people which will in my opinion will be same as perceived as and when we meet. I am not talking of the physical profile picture but am talking about the behavioural pattern of the person. A person is known by what he speaks and in this case a person is known by what he writes. Human sentiments and emotions come out at opportune times in their natural form however one might try to control them as not to reflect in ones speech or writings. So most of tell our nature, behaviour, and attitude by our actions as manifested in speaking or writing. I am sure the members would be knowing my nature fully and when we meet they will not be surprised. At the same time I am also sure that when I meet them, I meet as an old known friend. If any such opportunity comes we will put this theory to test and I would be happy to share that experience in its all truthfulness here in the forum section.
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    It won't be possible at all. I am one such member who wanted to have an ISC meet. I created funny threads with images of ISC meeting and dialogues. Someone did not like it. I created an ISC map and placed all the members in their respective states. (You can view my profile page to have a look at the ISC Map. That map has won the highest forum CC).This created a big problem. I had a problem with a good lady. Even I was punished. There are members who doesn't want to reveal the state they belong to. If such is the situation, how can we hold an ISC meet. Let us only dream about the meets. Be happy with what you are now.
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