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    Why Twitter is playing silly provoking game-quit twitter

    Twitter is behaving in an adamant manner. It is losing its support from any Indian users.
    Twitter is challenging the Indian Government's sovereignty. It is showing the real dark side of a arrogant business behemoth.
    I think it is high time the Indian Government stays strict and shows Twitter the door to go out.

    The latest is a report I read just a while ago in the online news sites.
    Headline in The Print says "Twitter blocks Ravi Shankar Prasad's account for 1 hour over 'violation' of US copyright laws". It is is another point that The Print also follows a sort of anti-India stand and bias.
    The Hindu reports it under "IT Minister slams Twitter for blocking his account over copyright violation"
    India Today reports as "IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says Twitter denied him access to his account".

    Allowing members to voice their opinion, I have just this questions to ask:
    Why can't the Minister and all BJP leaders immediately close & quit Twitter accounts and also give a call to close their twitter accounts and uninstall twitter from their devices.? Let this be a wide mass programme until Twitter leaves India lock,stock, barrel;or apologises publicly and properly submit to Indian laws.

    Let there be a mass 'Boycott Twitter'movement
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    Twitter is banned in China, North Korea, Nigeria and Iran. India can also ban it permanently. Perhaps Twitter has deliberately suspended the Twitter account of the IT minister for an hour under the pretext of US laws violation. How US laws may be implemented on Indian soil.
    If our government ban twitter in India it will propagate against the Indian government that there is no freedom of speech in India. They can say that they advocate for an independent voice and they don't tolerate violation of laws and for the sake of abiding by the laws, Twitter suspended the account of former president Donald Trump also despite him being the then president of the US.
    We should not forget this fact that China, North Korea, Nigeria have dictatorship and Iran is a theocratic state. it may be the reason that Twitter has taken the Indian government for granted. I think our government should suspend Twitter for a few weeks or months instead of opting for a complete ban.

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    I was very active on Twitter for the past any years and since two months I stopped visiting nor posting anything for the obvious reasons. The way Twitter has been behaving irresponsibly and not agreeing to the accountability of fake posts and threads, they have forced the GOI to take action and even contemplating to shut their operations in India. Many have joined the Indian micro media koo and it is making waves now. Even I am on Koo and getting wonderful responses for the postings and the images having posted. It is easy to post detailed post and videos and that is fast uploading.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have no account of Twitter and I never used it and I never posted information on that site. I agree with the author. All people who have an account on this site should stop using and come out of the site. The government should suspend the use of this site for some time so that Twitter will come to terms.
    As mentioned by other authors, banning may be treated as not allowing freedom of speech. Some people may use it as a tool to criticise the government. So the government may not show much interest in banning the site. But all the ministers and other cadres of BJP on their personal level can stop using this sit. That may give some hint to the site about the seriousness of the issue.
    I am also on Koo but not very active. Once in a while, only I will see the site. I may visit this site once in 10 days or so. But there are many members and the alerts are coming in our local languages and that is making people to get attracted towards this site.

    always confident

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    The Twitter account of Mr. Ravishankar Prasad, the IT Minister, was suspended for an hour over a complaint of copyright. This has happened to many in the past. At ISC also the members are not allowed to post any copyrighted material.

    The new IT rules are challenged by the Digital News Publishers Association and many others in the court of law. The Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations also raised concerns over the New IT Rules and wrote to the government to review the rules.

    Any organization has to obey the rules of the land. This does not prevent them from commenting on the laws. Criticism is necessary for a democratic country. Those who criticize the government are not anti-nationals. Of all the political parties, it is the BJP that mostly used Twitter for its party purposes. Now they can stop tweeting and start Kooing.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Many politicians are very much active on Twitter and they are doing politics on the microblogging site rather than doing it in parliament. I think politicians also started working from home through Twitter and you can easily understand what may happen if your system suddenly stops functioning. That's why there is so much hue and cry over the issue of blocking the Twitter account of a minister. The government and Twitter are at loggerheads and both of them are firm on their stand. While it is essential to abide by the rules and regulations of the country in which an organization is doing business the government should also seek the opinion of the stakeholders while framing a law. Twitter is used by many for quite some time now and the new rules came into effect recently. There is also criticism of the new IT rules in India and I am sure this criticism is not related to compliance with the rules of the land but related to freedom of expression. I find the term freedom of expression vague in every aspect. This is something like somebody wishes to say something and others will say you are not allowed to say this. This tussle will go on everywhere and I feel nobody has a clear picture of what freedom of expression really means. The intention of the government is not to ban Twitter in any way but there should be a wide-ranging debate on freedom of expression and that can only resolve the issue.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    If Twitter account of Ravishankar Prasad, was suspended for an hour over a complaint of copyright then it should have been a permanent suspension by the micro media. Why one hour and that proved, that within no time the Twitter was flooded with hash tags of hate twitter and probably sensing the huge back lash the account was restored and this proved the hallow attitude and management of Twitter against the Minister which cannot digest a sharing which was against the same. Anyway this social media need to mend its ways and not behave like a politician mind and that would be better for it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The Twitter and the Government are at loggerheads for some time is a known fact. Both the parties support their action. The Twitter withheld the tweet on which a complaint was received and while sending a notice blocked the account of the IT Minister for some time. Twitter claims that Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices are common. It says that between January and June 2020, Twitter received more than 174,000 DMCA takedown notices, affecting 1.2 million accounts in all. Nothing seems to be uncommon in restricting the Twitter accont of Mr. Prasad. This is much ado about nothing.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Twitter might be using some global policies along with the rule of the land but how the media presents it sometimes become more important than the truth behind. Govt can always stop using Twitter and the people at the high position should switch to other such social media sites. Actually twitter is the number one in this arena and everyone wants to make the advertisement of self or one's party here and wants to take advantage out of it. The problem comes when due to some reason, explicit or unknown, twitter takes some action against a user.

    Twitter is like an ocean and for politicians it is important in some respect especially for penetrating to masses. Koo is also picking up fast and some people have already switched to it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What is happening is'testing the waters'. Twitter is playing a shadow game.
    First it thought that it can easily pressurise the government into making withdraw the new guidelines. Then it used other pressure tactics including legal litigations. But the government did not budge.
    It rubbed the government on the wrong side when it blocked or removed official tag on twitter accounts of top leaders of BJP and removed the blue tick from the country's Vice President.
    Even after the matter was known and was taken up by the government Twitter acts in a revengeful way and not ready to mend its ways. The poking and prodding it does now is just testing the political will and strength of the government at Centre.
    Definitely Twitter has read wrong. Twitter is not at all essential for India. But Twitter needs India as it is a large market. China and many other nations have banned and barred or controlled Twitter and similar entities. So if India also sends Twitter out, then its popularity and hence revenue will be greatly affected. Twitter knows that but underplays and shows fake confidence.

    The ground situation has changed much. Twitter does not have the ground support as it was earlier and before the guideline were implemented, before Twitter started on its collision course. Now Twitter has lost sympathy from Indians and Twitter is sen by majority of Indians as Anti-Indian agent. There are many who firmly believe that Twitter directly or indirectly lends support to forces anti-Indian interests
    It is high time Twitter is thrown out of this Sovereign Democratic nation.

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    Now another controversy is coming up. I heard on a social media news portal that twitter has issued indian map in which J & K and Laddakh have been shown as independent countries. It will create more furore. It looks that twitter has deliberately done it because they know it very well that Jammu, Kashmir and Ladhakh are integral parts of India. Intention of the Twitter doesn't look fair.
    Why twitter is challenging indian government so blatantly has some hidden meaning. I think some anti indian forces are behind twitter. Probably these forces are supporting twitter on all levels. I have no concrete evidence but I am just thinking that twitter could not do all these activities without any external support.

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    Yesterday yet another goof has been made by the Twitter by recogonizing the Jammu and Kashmir as the separate country and later withdrawn the map on its media. India has taken this has very seriously and action taken against the Twitter top brass. Why the social media is acting agaist the Indian interst and it gives lots of doubts as to Twitter has been playing game at the behest of enemy countries against India. Nevertheless India should now take stricter action and send them packing as we cannot tolerate anti India activities from our soil. The law enforcing agencies must act fast.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    @#735714, If we review the sequence of happenings logically, then it does not appear to be an inadvertent oversight goof, but a calculated provocation and challenge which makes us doubt some malicious intent behind it.

    Since a long time Twitter has become virtually the mouthpiece of anti-India interests. While normal remarks or views were removed or blocked hanging on to some unrelated norms , not specified for this country,they allowed mis-contents and mischief potential contents unhindered even after identifying such contents, falsehoods inimical to this country and its social peace and stability; even after complaining to remove them.

    Playing and catering to the interests sponsoring them they may use the loopholes available in a well meaning legal system of this country and try to prolong the litigations spreading an impression that they are right and standing for freedom of speech. The real people of this country can see through Twitter's designs . There needs a mass movement of protest against Twitter and an effort to boycott Twitter and make them quit India.

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