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    Would you change if you become a celebrity overnight?

    Members, I am putting up a hypothetical proposition just for thought-provoking and amusement, and please give your honest opinion on this. Suppose, suddenly you become a celebrity due to something done by you becoming very successful and receive international applauds and awards and there are numerous offers including the financial gains pouring in for the same from so many quarters that you have to even appoint a secretary to manage them. In such a situation the life would of course change significantly in many respects. Will it make a change in your behavior that you would become selective in talking to people or even become reserve with your relatives and long-time friends fearing that they may come to you asking for help or any such request or disturb you? Or would you remain as it is not taking much out of that success and glory? Please share your views.
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    First of all becoming celebrity is not at all possible for us as we are down to earth normal persons and doing something to satisfy others and getting personal satisfaction for the same. If at all the luck comes and I am being benefited as celebrity, my attitude would be same. I would be same person like today and do not show any tantrums or over behavior. In fact I would go one step futher to connect with the higher officials and get the things done for the people who do not have the reach or they feel the shyness to approach. One thing is sure all celebrities may have the inclination to help others, but the crowding would make them take two steps back.
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    It's an interesting question that is not so easy to answer. The reason is people change with situations. I am sure many of us have observed some people in our surroundings who have completely changed and do not behave with others in the same way as earlier. For example, after accumulating properties through various means suddenly the person may begin to think that others should give that person more importance and thus starts looking down on others who do not have enough fund/property. This sudden change in behaviour is unexpected from that person but for some reason, the person changed. The same thing may happen with celebrity too. When you suddenly become famous and start considering everything in terms of money then you will change, otherwise, I don't think you will change. Some activities must change which is always welcome in certain situations but the basic nature should not change.

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    How we behave when there is a sudden windfall of fame and wealth? Never thought of this. Even not able to imagine also. Unless otherwise, we experience we may not be able to think about how we behave. But after seeing this thread I started thinking. Basically, as a human being, we will be the same before and after becoming a celebrity. The only thing is there will be a recognition for our contributions or works. In such a case, why should we change our attitude? we may be busy doing more work. Many people will be contacting us and we should be more responsible as people will take our words as standard.
    I feel I should not change my way of work or behaviour even though I became a celebrity overnight. I want to continue my life as I was living before becoming a celebrity. I should not be proud and I should not ill-treat other people and I should treat them properly without any unnecessary show-off. We should maintain a low profile with all.

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    This thread of the author seems like an interview question, where possibility is less but still we need to know the answer if we may become a celebrity overnight. I do not think that anyone can change itself overnight and at the same time it may also difficult to become a celebrity within a short time but still, if someone got property or identity all over the world overnight then he/she may not even able to understand how to behave or react and perhaps the reaction that we found could be strange or just opposite from the original behavior.

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    I will also put my own view to this situation. I think if such a success suddenly comes in my life, I would not be going to change with it and I am sure that my behaviour will remain same as today.
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