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    The good deeds done with enduring self-loss are sacred.

    Some think that even if it does not help me, it will help someone else. Something that if it does not help me, it need not use anyone else. Differences in perspective are the reason for the difference in responses. Some do not necessarily benefit from everything they buy at will. The good is giving to those who are most likely to benefit from it. It is natural to feel sad about losing what you have gained. But it is the presence of mind when facing any loss that enables one to recover what has been lost or to overcome the loss.

    Some serve others without losing anything. Some suffer their losses and stand up for others. But above all, some can even turn their loss into the possibilities of the other. The good deeds that are done, regardless of who the beneficiary is, are more sacred than anything else. Of those, God dwells.
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    The author has been getting more profess day by day in raising some good threads and this one is very fantastic in the sense it connects to traits of good people. Normally good deeds itself very sacred and if that associates without self gain and help to others draws good attention and also personal satisfaction to us. One day my scooter was under repair and gave the same to the mechanic and want to visit my home just few kilometers. I was standing for auto and one person came who is known to me and asked we why I am standing. He gave me lift up to the home. Actually he was supposed to go the other way but he helped me, I later came to know about this. That was the wonder ful reach out as these days people are selfish and would not help others out of way. But some draw immense satisfaction in helping others.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good deeds are always sacred and it is desirable that one should help others when in need. It may not be always possible for everybody to stretch out their helping hands to others but if there is an intention to help one can always help according to her/his suitability. You have gained something for a purpose and if you are giving it to somebody who will be benefitted at that point in time it will help you to realize the purpose you serve as a human. This realization is priceless.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The five rupees coin in your pocket may not be very important for you but the same coin may be useful to a poor man to get his food at a government subsidised food outlet. A poor man sits near the temple near my house. When somebody gives him a ten rupees note, the glow in his face is so bright as if he has become a rich man.
    If you have food sufficient for you and at that time one beggar comes for some food, if you give a part of that food, the happiness in that person's mind will be very high. You will receive many of that person's well wishes and definitely, you will get some help from somebody when you need it.
    Good deeds are always sacred. Do good and definitely the fruits will come to you not immediately but definitely when you need them. There are people who go hungry by donating the food they have for some other person who is hungry. One should always try to help others to the maximum extent possible.

    always confident

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    I read in one Spiritual book. Once a man wanted to have moksham, so he approached the elders of his village. One of the elders told him to approach a saint in the nearby den for solution. He proceeded towards the saint. On the way he met a couple, they requested him to get some solution for their childless problem. He nodded and proceeded. In the outskirts, an old man who was struggling between life and death asked him whether he would get solution for his problem from the saint. He nodded and gone. In the den he saw the saint and waited till his coming out of meditation. He, the saint opened his eyes and asked what he want. He asked the solutions for the couple and old man. The saint told the way for them. By hearing this he just returned as satisfied. The saint called him back and asked whether he have no questions for himself. Then only he realized his purpose. The saint told him,'Son, do not worry. When you forget your wishes for others the doors of Moksha automatically opened for you'.

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