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    Jokes to relax this day

    One night at the bedroom suddenly wife's mobile illuminated brightly. Curious husband took that phone read the received message and wake up his wife anger by shouting 'who is the idiot sent a message to you as beautiful?'. Confused wife wear her specs, put the light on and read the message. She told her calmly,'my dear foolish hubby, this is not beautiful but battery full. Read by wearing your specs'.
    Doctor told a lady that her husband would survive only seven hours.
    Wife shocked and with grief asked her husband what he would like to have.
    He asked a super onion masal dosa. She did. By seven o clock he asked sooji halwa. She did. Both went to bed with tears. Husband asked her a big cup of milk with excess sugar. She replied,'enough!let me sleep as I have to inform everyone, arrange purohit and likewise many work to me in the morning'.
    Guest has come. Husband asked wife to get coffee.She replied from the kitchen that no milk was in stock. Furious husband went inside and slapped her. By hearing the sound the guest went out. By noting this,
    Wife:How is my acting?
    Husband:I acted as if I slapped you. How is mine.
    Guest appeared suddenly:I have acted as if going out but come back, how is my acting?
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    As usual, the author has come out with very good jokes. All three jokes are excellent. The third joke is really great. All three are very good actors. The second joke shows that there is a limit for anything. The jokes gave the desired relaxation and I felt fresh after reading this.
    always confident

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    As always another great contribution as a form of jokes by the author is given, which is again commendable. Really nice jokes. In today's jokes, I like the third one Guest has come most.

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    I appreciate the author for bringing such humorous jokes. Due to daily hectic schedule all of us are really stressed and at such time these jokes are really refreshing and provides freshness to get back to work again.

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    Oh my God the author has come up with improvised jokes that really connect to our daily life and some times I feel the jokes are happening within us but we fail to create humor out of it. Great sharing from the author.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The jokes were really marvellous and hope that he would continue the similar trend in the upcoming times and would provide quality jokes to the members. Such jokes would refresh us with the stress which has been a part of our lives.

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    The author posts these jokes periodically in forum section which definitely freshens up our minds. This time also all the jokes are interesting though I particularly liked the second one in the set of these jokes.
    Knowledge is power.

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