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    Why people prefer white rice over brown rice?

    White rice is fully polished rice where the entire outer and inner covering of the rice is removed. Actually, the inner thin brown covering mainly contains the proteins, vitamins, and minerals required for our body. But sadly we remove this nutritious coating during the milling process in order to make the rice appear white. But the very little few people utilize brown rice that contains a nutritious layer over the rice. Even though doctors and nutritious specialists say about the importance of brown rice, no one wishes to use it. Actually, the brown rice much sweeter in taste when compared to white rice. Brown rice is very good for diabetic patients as it controls blood sugar level. What type of rice you usually use and what is the reason for it?
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    We have been habituated to eat white rice and AP being the rice bowl of India we get whole lots of rice varieties like sona masoori, Kurnool rice, Warangal rice and all these are very tasty and small in size. Those who eat less are also bound to take this variety more as they are like flowers while eating and smooth to taste. Brown rice is hard and cannot be digested and even cooking it takes time. I have taken brown rice for few days and it could not suit my taste buds and thus continued the rice. Those who are diabetic can go for wheat Upma and that is the best alternative to avoid the rice.
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    I agree with the opinion of the author. Brown rice is having a higher nutritional value. During my childhood days, we used to eat brown rice. It will more time for this rice to get digested. We will be consuming less quantity. Hence we will be more healthy and rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. The colour of the rice may not be very attractive but it is healthy. But many people don't like to eat this brown material. They think that is a poor man's food. That is a misconception. In between, we shifted to white rice. But for the last three or four years, we started eating brown rice.
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    I agree with the author that Brown Rice is far far superior than White Rice but we go by the colour of the rice. While looking the white rice, its look is brilliant and eye catching for the consumers. However, Brown Rice lacks this criteria but has enough nutrients to support our metabolism due to the presence of Magnesium, Calcium and other minerals. It even supports our healthy blood sugar level. However, it may take sometime in the process of digestion due to presence of roughage.

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    Most of the population have been eating white rice so obviously, they are habitual for this. Brown rice is quite healthy than white rice but people like to prefer their traditional food style and do not ready to adopt a new changing healthy food system. This was one reason but there is also another reason for that is the availability. Rice is most common in white form and it has been easily available in all regions of the country so that is also why people prefer to buy white rice. In India many states having rice as their favorite food.

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    Our fathers and forefathers used to eat rice obtained by physically hand pounding with wooden polls in stone basins. This rice is used to be brown and so the people of that time are so healthy. In our childhood time we used get grains from our field and we used to get low polished brown rice. Even today both white and brown rice available in markets. But people in the name of modernity are accustomed to use more starchy white rice.

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    Brown rice is the rice after just removing husk and without removing the brown coloured bran layer .
    When the brown rice is further polished by removing the brown bran layer it becomes polished white rice.

    Earlier times rice used to be de-husked by mortar and pestles ;i.e .manual pounding using wooden pounds. That ensured that the bran layer was not removed brown rice was the output. Then it was purified by winnowing. The presence of bran gives brown rice a unique taste and nutrition value.
    But modern mechanical milling is usually a single step system where the input paddy undergoes removal of husk and bran and the direct output is white rice. However in two step milling, the husking and removing bran are done separately in different steps. So in this system after husking part, brown rice is the output. It is the least processed rice. This rice is generally used for home consumption in farm villages where rice is cultivated.

    As per commercial requirements rice milling has various stages and steps. After polishing the brown rice the bran is nowadays sold to the cattle feed manufacturers. Earlier the bran obtained from home pounding was used for cattle reared locally. In villages people used to make some local sweets adding jaggery with bran powder and was considered as a nutritious snack for children.
    Brown rice whole grain. It is edible whole grain after removing the non-consumable husk.
    Whereas polished white rice is bereft of most of the n nutrition available in the whole grain.

    In places like Kerala the brown rice we get now is actually milled rice rom commercial mills, but they are actually 'boiled rice'. (To be technically correct it is to be called as 'parboiled rice'). Here the paddy is soaked in water and steamed or partially boiled or parboiled and then sent for de-husking. By doing so, a large part of the nutrients available in the bran are retained inside the kernel . This type has thus nutritional value as well as low glycaemic index too. Parboiled rice if not highly polished are almost equally nutritious to non-boiled whole brown rice. and anyway much more nutritious than polished white rice.

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    We have been adapted to the White rice food system. As you mentioned, brown rice is healthier than polished white rice. There are more chances for diabetes when people consume white rice. During the earlier days, people used to consume brown rice, but now with more technology being developed and with the food adulteration, we are using polished white rice. Both of them are available in the market. But people are having a perception that brown rice is especially for the people with diabetes. It's all about the mindset of the people.

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    Many people fall for outward beauty and this is one example of that. The white polished rice attracts the fancy of many and without leveraging its health benefits against the brown rice people simply vouch for it. I remember that in our village if a guest came we made better looking rice for them and used the dirty looking for ourselves. So these things are inbuilt in us to go for things which appear colourful or bright or shining. Even in restaurants and other eating places people will not order for brown rice even if it is available there. The long sized highly polished rice which after cooking separates out grain by grain is liked by the people all over the world and India is one main exporter of that to the other countries. This thread is definitely inspiring us to change our options in this regard.
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    Nobody is preferring sir, but their practice is so. If they change their practice of either side the satisfaction of eating itself got vanished. In Kerala main cities we can get all sorts of rice, that is raw rice, boiled rice and red rice. I used to have raw rice in our house for many years and so I prefer raw rice only whenever I go. If no raw rice available in some places, I adjusted. When I went to Kerala on my office work, one day I took lunch in a big hotel at Ernakulam, the counter person asked me whether I want raw rice or boiled rice or red rice. I for a change asked red rice by intending to see the taste. Though everything went well, but for one hour, after that I felt super hungry as if I did not have lunch. I asked my accountant whether I can get any tiffin items by that time. As he knows my food practice, he asked whether I took red rice in meals. I nodded, he replied that that the reason for my hungry. Later we went to nearby hotel for some snacks.

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