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    Self assessment is very important during preparation.

    Everyone is progressing in their life, some through studies, some through their responsibilities of job, some people are just moving ahead with all of them. While making preparations, many times we put our full focus on it but forget one important thing, self-assessment. Self-assessment is an important step that must be kept in mind during any preparation. Assess yourself and see if your preparation is going in the right direction after right way or not. Do the preparation by assessing the factors around you as well, you will definitely get success.
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    I agree with the author, that assessment is an important part of our preparation and when it comes to self assessment then it is much more important because by it we can analyse our preparation and can predict how we will be going to perform and is our performance going into right direction towards the goals for which we are aiming. If we are really lacking in our practice and if we are distracting from right path then timely corrections are necessary so that we will not fail at final time of assessment.

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    Yes that's the right point. We put efforts to achieve things, but in between we forget to do a self-evaluation, to find out at what stage we are. We should set a benchmark, whatever be it the field. We should have self-assessment get done at the right time, so that we will get a chance to know where we are lagging. This way, we will grow by developing the qualities and changing the drawbacks to advantages. And we will stay focused on what to do and what not to do. Self-assessment has to done at regular intervals. Success is not about winning, but rather the forward progress in your work over the last one.

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    Self-assessment is a very good tool to know our exact position? Where we are lagging or where we have to put in more efforts? These things will be understood by us when we assess ourselves. Many times we should do this to understand our preparedness for facing the task. If we have to face the examinations, we have to assess ourselves at least one month before the examinations. That will give a chance to know which subject is to be still covered by us. In colleges and schools, they may be conducting some mock examinations to assess your knowledge. Those examinations may be useful to you to evaluate yourselves.
    During our school days, the school was conducting an internal final examination at least one month before the examinations. After that examinations, the teachers used to say where we have to put in additional works. Some students take old papers and answer them. This is also a method of self assess.

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    it is the known fact that our success and failure revolve around our understanding and detailing of our own self assessment . The self assessment should be without partiality and with threadbare method as we should not excuse our own mistakes and omissions. We should not be over confident about past achievement as that may be as a result of opposite person being slow and not to the level of our reach. But next time there would be timely grab from the same person to outsmart us. Therefore self assessment plays a very important role as to how we performed past, how we have performed now and what are the target goals for the future. And our assessment plan should have other way of approach also if the Plan A fails and this is were we can always have a say over other near competitor in the field of race and competition.
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    Self assessment is a great tool to keep a check on our progress as well as fallback. Critisism from others can sometimes hurt us and decrease our willpower. Therefore it is important that one should be aware of their downfall and up. Whenever we are preparing for something, it requires continuous practice and focus. We need to be aware of areas we are weak and things that can be used as our strength and all this can we only made possible if we keep a check on our growth and progress. Therefore, self assessment as a method can totally help us to improve. Because of self assessment we will be able to create goals that are achievable as we are aware of our progress. Once we create realistic goals and achieve them and keep on going then we can easily we successful.
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    Self assessment is an important thing in any work to periodically review what we have achieved so far and where we could not and then how to correct them for the future path in the matter. It is a continuous process in our lives. The purpose of weekly and monthly tests in the schools for the students are based on this philosophy only. Even at work places some sort of assessment is done to check the progress of the employee.
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    Self-assessment or introspection should be done after a certain period. What actions were taken during that period and what were advantages and disadvantages or shortcomings occurred in this process and how to rectify them or what more to be eked out to tweak them a comprehensive review is required and actions should be taken accordingly. This is essential for every struggler who is progressing towards any defined goal or any mission. I think as a human being we need to focus upon inner self, the reality of our social environment is that most of us are engrossed in progress without considering the means of progress - good or bad and right or wrong, eventually, we want to get what we have decided to get and for it, we go for by hook or by crook. We are forgetting human values just for the sake of a little gain in this materialistic world.

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    Self assessment is essential to know how far we have taken right steps to achieve the given assignments. We make a strategy and for that we need different tools to achieve the same. The earlier actions might change with the progression of time and hence there is a need of the correction. Even to know the progress, it needs some review with the self assessment. It is a cheap way for self assessment and we need to have this for better evaluation of our progress.

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