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    Read others mind you become excellent manager of crisis

    Why most of us fail in our task and duties because we are not giving credence to what is said and what is demanded. Be it a boss or immediate higher authority or even at home be it children or our life better half, or even our friends or relatives, we should inculcate the habit of reading their mind as to what they want to reveal and gauge their requirements. Surely you can plan the crisis management with ease and that would be to your advantage to get close to them. People need solution and not prolonged pending of any issues.
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    It really becomes the crucial task to allot the job of the persons according to their experience and expertise to get the job done smoothly. While addressing a group, they need to be be aware of the priorities of the management and it is the foremost task of the manager to keep them abreast of the the market trend. Once the facts are revealed, the manager should be an excellent manager to read the minds of their subordinates and he has to ensure that they are comfortable with the tasks given. This point is very crucial and any dissatisfaction arising as a result of allotment of the job would affect the entire work due to prevalence of chaos within the group. An efficient manager would never forget this vital point in allotting a job.

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    This is an interesting post by the author. When someone tells us something or orders or request us for a favour then we have to respond to it. If we respond it blindly then we might do mistakes as without understanding as what is in the background of that verbal communication, there is no point in responding. What people say and what they mean are sometimes very different and it is necessary to understand the psychology of that person at that moment of time. If I have taken a short term loan from my friend and next month he comes to me that he wants some money which may be more or less than that loan amount then what does that mean? It could be a genuine requirement or he wanted to make you remember about the money that he had given to you in the previous month. So, one has to distinguish between these two possibilities as they mean quite a different thing and unless we understand that back current our actions would not be commensurate with what our mind thinks in a logical way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Understanding what is there in the mind of the other person is an art. Many people can't do it. If we can have that ability we will be doing good in our life. Some people come and praise you so much as if in this world you are the best. In that exciting moment, the other person may ask something you accept without knowing the repercussions. After completing the task only you will understand how big is his desire. If somebody is flattering you you should not lose your thought process and should not accept.
    Some people are very intelligent. They can understand what is there in the mind of the opposite person. So they will not be hasty and never accept anything without a proper understanding of the issue. They will be more successful in their lives. We all know the story of Vamana. Vamana asked only three feet of land. Bali is being warned by Sukra not to accept his wish. But Bali accepted and died as he couldn't fulfil his word given to Lord Vishnu, who cams Vali.

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    As we read wrong about others the outcome would be questionable.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is a piece of good advice given by the author, it is true when we learn to read someone's mind then we are more able to find many options and solutions for ourselves. Most of all of us have many complications and mental stress in life, many of which keep coming in their mind and if we can read their mind then it will be beneficial for our self but it is a difficult art and this Mastering the art is a sincere process. So for reading other's mind one should have to be more and more focused on their talks and also on the circumstances of their lives.

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    The author is right. When we able to read others mind, can automatically touch the heart of others. When we work in a department we can assess the need of our manager or others in practical experience and if we do accordingly our satisfaction increased over their satisfaction. The same has happened in Akbar's courtyard. Birbal a Minister under him was functioning as a prime minister to the King. Other ministers got envy on Birbal. One day in the absence of Birbal they asked the king in what way Birbal is superior over them. King kept silent and told after some minutes that the reply for that would be given on the next day. When the court got dispersed on that day, the king gave Birbal a work in the next morning before coming to courtyard. Next day, in the courtyard everybody assembled and during the discussion with other ministers a sound was heard on the outside of the palace. King asked one minister to check the reason for that sound. He went outside and told it was bell sound out of the bullock carts going on the road. Again the king sent another minister to get full information, he went and replied that the sound came from the bell of bullock carts going on the road towards godown. At that time Birbal entering into the palace and the King asked him to stop there and look after the reason for the sound from outside. Without going back Birbal replied the king,'Sir, this is out of the bell of bullocks tied in the carts as 24 carts going to godown loading with grains.' The king told the ministers raised query on the previous day that the preference given to Birbal is because of this attitude, that is preparing himself that I could ask him, by reading my views'.
    This was told in Management science also as the expected qualification of a subordinate. My professor told this story and told in the last, 'It happened in those days, now the management expects from a subordinate to 'do what I say and not to concentrate on other things'

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