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    Do you have the habit of taking salads along with your diet?

    Salads are the ones prepared from raw vegetables and fruits. They will be prepared in different ways by adding pepper, a little salt, little lemon juice, etc. As raw materials are used in salad preparation, they contain full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, rich fiber, and rich nutrients. If things are cooked they lose these vital nutrients. Using regular salads helps us to provide vitamins, rich fiber, antioxidants. It improves proper digestion and constipation issues. Salads help in weight control, improving muscle and heart functioning. Usually, we get salads in big hotels and big functions. But using salads regularly in our houses will bring health benefits. Most of the time I use Keera, raw fruits, and regularly at least one raw dish made out of carrot, coconut, raw mango, raw cucumber, etc. Sometimes sprout seeds that are good for health. Consuming raw materials are good for health. What is your opinion about salads and the use of raw food items?
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    Frankly speaking I believe most of the meals are taken without the salad at home and only when some special guests are called for the occasion the salads are served by the households for obvious reasons. May be for this reason I have seen many gets excited when they visit the restaurant for the sumptuous lunch or the dinner and when the salad is first kept on the table, people start tasting the same be it the onion or the mixed vegetable salad. Invariably I have seen that the road side dhabas which serve the North Indian dishes to the customers are serving this type of salad and normal hotels are giving credence to the taste of menu and not the salads. Some big hotels have lavish salad as the starters and the rates are also high. These are served with tomato soup or Mashroom soup and that would actually kill our urge to have tasty food.
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    We consume salads in the house also many times. But there may not be many varieties. Only one or two types only. Onions are very common. We consume raw onions by adding a little lime juice to this. They are very tasty. I eat them with pickle rice. All our family members like them. Generally, we will have carrot pieces and we eat them sometime in the day. Then beetroots also we will have in our house and those pieces also we will eat. Any one of the above three will be available daily in our lunch. Sometimes when there is nothing available in the house in the evenings to eat, we will go for the pieces of these three vegetables.
    Keera also we eat. But once in a while only. We go for keera I think once or twice a month only. Raw Mangoes, cucumber etc will also be consumed once in a while. Raw mango pieces are very tasty and if we add a little chilly powder and salt the taste will be excellent.

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    Salad is very beneficial for our health as it gives so many minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to us. Many people take it regularly with their main meals. It is a main attraction in many big parties where some health concious people always search for it and have it in variety.
    All good things told, some people have problems in digesting the salad and they avoid it due to those apprehensions. For them it is advised that they can blanch it before eating. Blanching means something like half cooking of these items. Blanching changes the taste of salad which some people might not like but that is one good way to eat it for those who fear that it would not get digested well.

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    Salad is quite nutritional for us and we all are aware of this fact still many people avoided having it, in fact, I am also one of them. I am not habitual to take salad with a meal until it was served by someone else. I usually prepare my food plate by myself so I mostly avoid making a salad for myself. Salads should be fresh that is why most people do not prepare them before having a meal and cut them just before their lunch or dinner. But I like to simply eat cucumbers, so I have to eat but not at meal time, but anytime when I feel like to have it.

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