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    Our politicians perform the act of evanescence

    Probably many of us does not know the meaning of evanescence which means vanishing quickly and it aptly suits to the act of Indian politicians of any state who come begging for the votes during the elections and then disappear from the scene for the reasons best known to them. Because they promise the moon to the voters during the campaign and that could not be satisfied anyway, therefore they go for the vanishing act of evanescence. But intelligent are those voters who know this trick and squarely reject that politicians who do not keep the word.

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    A good submission from the author for the Topic based TOW contest for the month of June 2021. It is true that politicians will vanish after the elections. Before elections, they will be with you promising many things to you. They say voter is their king and they are the slaves. But once the election is over there is no necessity of the voter to them. So even a voter goes to their house they may not talk to them and behave as if they are busy in service to the nation. But we all know that they are busy getting their money back which they spent on elections.
    Of course, there may be some exemptions. There may be some good politicians who are sincere and service-oriented. We can count such politicians on our hand.
    Anyhow expecting any help from politicians these days is not a wise issue. They never come to the rescue of any person. So we should be careful in selecting the leaders. We should go strictly by the merits of the person more than anything else.

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    I got a good laugh on reading this thread, which, though simple, is really unique in its own way for the association with the topic given.

    It is so very true, whether it is for the local panchayat elections, or the ones at the District, State, and Central level. Candidates have plenty of time to roam around hither and thither, trying to garner votes, but once elected, they have no time to visit those same areas to address long-pending or current issues. At the same time, call them to cut a ribbon or crack a coconut, and suddenly they have time slots for that, no matter how remote the area. After all, why miss a great photo-op to appear in the press!

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    A very curt statement of a practical fact. But I am amused at the reason the author ascribes to the 'evanescence' of politicians.

    I cannot quite agree with the author in his opinion that 'voters who know this trick and squarely reject that politicians who do not keep the word.". Not so . There are many examples when they have re-elected or re-selected the same person(s) many more times. This is because politicians are more practical, smarter and rooted to ground more than the innocent voters who will be again tricked by clever verbose. The politician very easily convinces the voter that his absence was not his fault and gives some more promises. The voter is led into another mirage. of renewed promise and manifesto. Very rarely the cycle breaks, and even then it will be beginning of another cycle.

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    The author has given a great thread and it's a really fun yet accurate thread. Although the author often publishes threads related to politicians and politics, this thread is very well chosen knowledge. In fact, this art of sudden disappearance of leaders has become very common. Until they get votes, they are found wandering around the public, sometimes in schools, sometimes in other institutions, hospitals, even by going to our homes, the campaign and once they get a seat, they disappear like This is us and we don't even know them now.

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    The author has depicted the nature of politicians. It is very necessary for a nation to elect leaders on the basis of merit and not on promises. An old adage 'a good product needs no advertisement' applies in every field as well.

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    The author has rightly presented the nature of the politicians. They are with you prior to election. They would come to your village or your locality at any time they like and touch you affectionately asking your parent's news or the progress of your son. You may like his friendly approach and then he may remind you of the coming election. He would like to have your favour in the process of casting of votes. You may oblige him because of his amicable behaviour. Later you would realise that it was a great mistake on your part to have elected him in the election. In fact, these politicians are much more smarter in their approach. They could apply some different tricks next time to grab the seat. We need to understand the different tricks employed by them to woo voters so that we could frustrate their attempts.

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    The author has used the word evanescence in an interesting and fact of the way in this post. The promises the politicians make before elections and attract a big crowd to listen to those luring statements is well known and we also know as what happens after the elections. They become too busy in their new avatar and forget the people completely who had actually placed them at that high position by giving their precious vote to that party.
    Knowledge is power.

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    What the author portrayed is 100 percent truth and is fit enough to use the word evenescence. Before the election, we find the politicians walking on foot, knocking the doors of the voters and begging for votes. Once they win the election or lose the election, they wont be seen or heard. Such politicians should be uprooted from politics.
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