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    The real charm of the personality resides in its behaviour

    Some persons are good looking, tall, and handsome. Everyone gets attracted to their personalities. Wherever they go people glance at them with adoring eyes. But the real personality is known only when we come to talk to them or have friendship or relations with them. It sometimes so happens that we find their behaviour not good and start avoiding or ignoring them. When we come to know their bad part then all our first impressions which were made in the beginning when we simply saw them for the first time dissolve like ice in the fire. The real charm of the personality resides in its behaviour. What is the view of the members?
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    There is a popular saying in Tamil that the real behavior of a person is known during the travel with us as to what he is sharing and with what he is adjusting. If his attitude his selfish goal and serving himself, it is better to get rid of such person in future. In this regard I wish to narrate the good quality of a former Chief Minister of AP then, Channa Reddy, when he was down with no power, those who have met him and stood by his side were proudly remembered and called when he came to power and somehow helped them to retain the good persons with them. So personality can be gauged in many ways.
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    That is true. When we see a person we may get a good impression based on his/her appearance and talking. But his real behaviour and traits will be known only when we move with him for some good time and have a chance to move with him.
    Young people may get attracted by seeing their appearance. But experienced people will never go by physical appearance. One of my cousins loved a person (Her uncle's son only). He was very handsome. So she forced her parents and married that guy. But the true colours of the person she understood only after marrying. She suffered a lot but never expressed her problems to anybody.
    A good-hearted person is always better than a handsome person. If a good looking person with good behaviour is the best choice always for friendship. But persons who are looking good but not good heart are not suitable for friendship.

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    Agree with the author, when we meet someone, it may possible that the looks or lifestyle of someone can affect us but at the same time we will be more attracted to someone's behaviors. There was a time when some people looks extraordinary and they have a large number of fans due to their looks but now the situation is quite changing,. Now people know very well that inner beauty that is our behavior is always important for anyone. You may not win someone by your personality but if you have good etiquette, moral values then definitely you will find many people who appreciate you.

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    Indeed. Personality is qualitative, it cannot be measured, judged, expressed in its own. Therefore, behaviour plays a very important role in rather measuring one' personality. Although behaviour can be faked every now and then but their are certain situations where you cannot fake your behaviour, it automatically comes out. These behaviour that are not related to any other reasons rather than just pure emotions explains the real personality of a human. Every person and personality is unique however not every behaviour can be judged as being unique but each behaviour contribute in assessing a aspect of one's behaviour. Therefore, if any one of us are curious about anybody's personality we should pay close attention to their behaviour when less people are around them, or when they are alone, it will help us dearly to know them well.
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