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    Do you like Jackfruit?

    This fruit is very famous in the Southern part of India. But these days we are finding this fruit all over the world. In South India, it is available during Summer.

    This fruit is having spiky outer skin and green in colour. The taste of this fruit is unique. It will have a subtly sweet and fruity flavour. The fruit is the biggest of all the fruits and may weigh up to a maximum of 35Kg. The flesh of the fruit can be consumed when it is ripped or unripped also. Even unripped Jack fruit also can be consumed by making a curry with it. This curry is very tasty and very famous in the Telugu States.

    This fruit is rich in proteins and good for blood sugar control. This fruit contains flavonoid antioxidants. Did you ever try this? It is my favourite fruit.
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    We use it for making dry vegetable using various spices and it really tastes nice. Another version is the curry version in which we use a lot of garlic and onion and prepare it in meat or chicken style and then it turns out to be a delicious dish. Only problem is that to prepare it takes time as peeling and cleaning it is itself a big job and many people avoid it due to that inconvenience. Nowadays, many shopkeepers sell it and clean and cut it in pieces before handing over to the customer. These are very big sized fruits and one jackfruit can be used to make vegetable for many families.
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    Jack fruit is a very healthy and delicious fruit. It is available in most parts of India. In AP it is much available in East Godavari districts. In Ambajipeta of AP our relatives has big big jack fruit garden. In summer the Jack trees are with full of heavy fruits. During my childhood times, we children used to go there and we enjoyed the delicious taste of these fruits. Similarly, young fruits are chopped to get material for making curry. The curry made with this chopped material is very delicious and nutrious. Recently an International research organization announced chopped material of young Jack fruit is having so many health properties. Nowadays in big cities panasa pottu (chopped material) of Jack fruit is available in vegetable markets and food shops. Kerala is one of the states where Jack gardens are plenty. The seeds of these fruits are very healthy and are used to make dishes.

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    Jack fruit is grown in many homes back yard in Hyderabad and in our own house there is a tree but small varieties are grown here which hardly has 10 or fifteen counts inside. But I am talking about those available in Tirupathi and Chennai where the size of the fruit wold be nearly fifty kilo each and the counts are not less than 80 big size fruits inside with the honey like taste. The the fruit is liked by many but the process of taking it out is very cumbersome and time consuming. And if the fruit is separated from the tree and kept to ripe in a room, the smell would make others alert that the fruit needs to be cut now. The seeds which are being separated from the fruit added as the great ingredients to sambar and the taste would be so nice. Even jack fruit curry can be made if the fruit is in small format. For me this fruit is very likable.
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    Jackfruit is my favourite dish if the same is blended with the different spices during its preparation as vegetables. Sometimes we add pieces of Potatoes along with the same so as to get palatable test. In our region in the month of March and April, the prices become damn cheap when the consumers use the same for the preparation of vegetables dish.
    Ripen Jackfruit gives unique test and the same is often enjoyed during its season. It has got the excellent property to control blood sugar level and one thing is strange with this fruit that on consumption of the same with the large amount, it may cause constipation. One should consume the same in moderation.

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    As per Tamil literature, Jack fruit is one among the three main fruits that are Mango, Jackfruit, Banana( Maa -Palaa -Vaazhai) It is known as Mukkanigal (Three fruits) Jackfruit is an energetic and tasty fruit. It helps to improve the health.
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    In Kerala this jack is called as 'chakka'. Payasam(kheer)made out of Jackfruit is very famous in Keralites' houses. Even in many Tamilians houses it is famous during festivals, In the marriage feast of my cousin brother they offered Jackfurit payasam which went heavily. Jackfruit can be tasted with honey and taste cannot be explained in words.
    Besides this, the raw jack in small size is available in almost all markets, it can be used to prepare curry by cutting the inner portion into tiny pieces and well boiled with salt and by adding grated coconut.

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