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    Speedy justice in George Floyd case.

    The members might be aware of the brutal killing of George Floyd in the USA 0n 25-05-2020 by a police officer Derek Chauvin. He killed Floyd by pinning him down with his knees on the neck for more than nine minutes. At that time Floyd was handcuffed. When this ghastly killing occured, there was an uproar by the public.

    The law took barely one year to do justice to the victim. The police officer who killed him was convicted of murder in less than an year and was sentenced to 22.5 years imprisonment on 25-06-2021. Many police officers testified against Derek Chauvin in the court.

    In our country also there are many cases against the police and they drag on for years and speedy justice is not done. Hope the George Floyd case will be an eye opener and justice delivered as quickly as possible.
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    That is true. George Floyd case was settled very fast and the culprit was punished. We should appreciate the law of the USA who finalised the case very fast.
    But in our country, no case is solved so fast. The cases will go for years together and by the time the judgement comes the culprit might have been left this earth also. Even small petty cases also are kept pending for a long. The number of cases is very high as the population is high. The number of courts is less. The working days for courts are also fewer. More than 50% of the court's time will go into postponing and giving new dates to the cases.
    I think more courts should be opened or the courts should start working in two shifts so that more work can be carried out. There should be some fast track courts where important cases will be settled fast and the culprits will get punished at the earliest possible.

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    It is good to know that speedy justice could be seen and heard in George Floyd case and that has shook the world because the brutality of the Police was seen in open and the court has given the right judgement. In fact such kind of judgement in fast phase must happen in India also. This case was taken up quickly as it suppressed the human rights and India also there are many cases which warranted speedy justice. The killings of two priests in Palgar was so ghastly and the Human rights commission never questioned it. We could see the Maharastra police handing over the priests to the wrong people who lynched them and that was brutal than George Floyd. India need to brace up and go for speedy justice in some cases which are in national glare and yet no progress made. The states should also take cue from this case.
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    This is definitely an eye opener for the whole world. There are a few countries where legal cases of importance can be resolved so early. In our country unfortunately we are very much poor in this respect and main reason is the poor governance in our country in many areas including the legal system. If we want to achieve such results in our country then we will have to make radical changes in our system and improve the governance.
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