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    Workplaces should also be free from egoism

    There is no one with the high and the low. It's just that the positions and circumstances are different. Some do not recognize the presence of others in their elevation. Such others are always raw material in their views. They will be jealous of those who are better than they are and despise those who grow up with them.

    Immature evaluation criteria of superior or inferior will disintegrate relationships. There is only some difference in work done by the employer and the employee. But the goal of both is the same, sustenance. All workplaces will be free of egoism if we can unify our co-workers as co-workers instead of classifying them as subordinates or superiors.
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    The author can remove 'also' in his posting. The ego in workplace should be removed on any account as the same is a hurdle for improvement for employees as well the company. These people will spoil the company's motto through their ego as the ego in them leads to grudge on others and thereby unrest in regular work arises. All five fingers are not alike but nothing can be done if one finger is not there. Similarly no one is greater than in workplace but the unity in themselves leads towards goal of the organization. People in the work place should see the goal of the organization rather than theirs own.

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    A good concept from the author. Ego is one trait that spoils the whole atmosphere around the person. It may be in the workplace or in a gathering or even in the house. By virtue of your education or experience, you might have been given a senior position in the office. But you can't alone run the show. You require help from the top and the bottom also. So you need not think that the people who are working under you are inferior to you. They may be wiser than you. Without his work, you can't complete your assignment successfully. So you should respect them also and see them as one among the family. After all, we are all human beings. This fact we should not forget.
    Teamwork will always give better output. There is no important work or unimportant work. Every work is having its own importance. But many bosses may not accept this concept. They feel they are gifted and they have special traits. They always think that without them the company will not run. Such bosses should learn their lessons at a great price at an appropriate time.

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    Some people by nature are egoistic while some get it because having obtained high positions in organisations. They seek every opportunity to show their power and sometimes expect too much respect from the subordinates. Many employees are unhappy with such superiors and some of them even change their jobs on the first available opportunity. In absence of a cordial environment in the workplace the productivity of the employees suffers and the atmosphere becomes fearful and full of apprehensions. It is in fact a harmful situation and the organisation also suffers due to these egoistic people who only care for their false image.
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    The author has brought in a wonderful thread insisting that the work place should be free from the egoism. It is true that work place has much politics and those who are seniors and have the say in the manegerial positions do harass the low rank staff for no reason. They hold many things to their chest and would not reveal everything to the performing staff and thereby getting into the mode of tiff and abusing in front of other staff. The management wants all round performance from each staff but the low rank managers do give responsibility down the line but does not give the rights to perform the duty in legible way. This results in mistakes and unwanted egoism between the staff and the management. Even the new employees are bound to perform better but they are not recognized and asked to go slow by the seniors for obvious reasons.
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