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This thread is the co-winner in the topic based TOW contest for June '21.
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    Evanescence and permanence

    The words 'Evanescence' and 'permanence" are actually opposite meaning or antonyms.

    There are many things around us which we enjoy greatly and wish they remained so permanently or at least for some more time. Such things which appear and stay only for a very short time before gradually disappearing or vanishing are called Evanescent. The word can mean - short lived, momentary, fleeting, ephemeral, transient etc .etc.

    However the word evanescent is not much used now except as a decorative word or in poetic and philosophical contexts.

    Following examples of some interesting things that we are familiar, can give us the refined precise meaning of the word ; viz. the evanescence of a rainbow; the evanescence of the ocean waves; the evanescent flash of a meteor; the evanescent morning dew vanishing under the rising Sun; etc.etc.

    To illustrate further I may add that New Year Resolutions of most people turn out to be evanescent events.Speaking philosophically, in comparison to the Cosmic time period, human life is just evanescent.

    The term is used in the context of Electromagnetism as 'evanescent waves' which are electromagnetic waves that do not propagate and are concentrated in the vicinity of the source. In the context of Optics and Acoustics, 'evanescent waves' are formed when waves undergo total internal reflection at boundary of a medium.

    I would like to share here an interesting news headline which used the words evanescence and permanence in the same sentence." Evanescence singer Amy Lee has confirmed to Australia's undercover news that Cold guitarist Terry Balsamo is now a permanent member in Evanescence"( dated January 16,2004)
    "Permanent in Evanescence" how can it be? It can be, because in the above quoted headline Evanescence denotes the name of an American Rock Band started in 1995.

    I hope this thread will stay permanent in the server space and not vanish as in an evanescent flash.

    (This is an Entry for TOW contest)
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    The author really penned down an interesting content connecting to tow topic and choose to blame those who fail to keep the new year resolution but yet come out with far reaching changes being sought and implement wise there is nothing and nil. Everything that were premised need to take the course of permanence otherwise that would be a falls promise and taken as evanescence. And by sharing the news on the subject "Permanent in Evanescence" the author has opened up wide discussion on the subject and how the other members would react on this has be seen and known.
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    Evanescence is not a common word and used rarely. The author has explained the meaning and use and related details very nicely in this thread and one of the meaning of this world as temporary or not permanent has been well brought out. I also read about the musical band Evanescence some time back but did not notice this word as at that time I took it just like a name given by someone related to foundation of that group.
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    Evanescence and permanence. A good write up from the author. As mentioned by the author evanescence is short-lived. The author also mentioned the scientific usage of this term. He elaborated on the various meanings of the word and its usage. Hope the information given by the author will remain in our minds and may not become evanescent.
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    The keyword given for the TOW =-evanescence= is not a common word. Hence I flt there may not be much participation in this TOW. So I made my thread to serve as a lead and cue thread so that the word becomes familiar and more members can participate and have a good discussion with different view points.
    To satisfy curiosity, along with announcing results, it will be nice if it may be mentioned how and why this particular keyword is selected for the contest.

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    A good thread where the meaning of the word evanescence is described through various examples. This is undoubtedly going to help us to learn the uses of the word and apply it in different aspects.

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    The author has displayed this word very beautifully. There is no doubt that it will prove to be of great help to all. I agree with the author that if the editor reveals with the result how the word came to his mind and why? My guess is that the editor must be reading some old book or novel from where he got the word. He wants the members to explore the same word in different perspective.

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