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    Is your name also based on Kundli or Rashi?

    I do not have much knowledge about astrology, horoscope, planets effect, etc. But we all know some general rules which are probably followed in the society. I have found one such rule which we find related to the naming of the baby. Some people get the child's horoscope made before naming, and on the basis of his zodiac, the alphabet is decided what to name the child. This trend is still found in many families today. But now there has been a change in both time and thinking and some parents choose their own preferred letter or decide their favorite name in advance.

    I have also seen some people like the letter 'A' and they like to start their children's name with the letter A, believe that people with the letter A make more progress. But when I was in school, I remember all the students with the name that starts from A used to be very nervous because, in every exam, practical, or interview, they were kept at the forefront.

    Our name creates our identity and for this many standards have been made in society. How did your name become your part, by the choice of your parents, or on the basis of your zodiac sign or any other reason? If you know the reason behind your name, please share.
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    Many people in our country follow Indian Astrology and based on the Panchang or the positions of constellation and planets the priest who knows about these things can prepare a horoscope and depending upon the various positions suggests some letters for naming of the child. Priest will not suggest anything from his side but would see the astrological positions and whatever mentioned in our old Astrological rules and regulations, will convey to us. Those who believe in their culture and have faith in these things would abide by that and name the child accordingly. Incidentally in our family names were given under that process only and my name also falls in that category pertaining to Vrish rashI.
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    My name is not based kundli or rashi. My name is based on my family tradition. In my family, the first name of my male child is always Ramakrishna. As I am the first male child of my parents I got this name. Similarly my first child name is the same with the addition of sharma. My grand father's name is also Ramakrishna. So in our Kambhampati family the first male child's name is always Ramakrishna.

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    In the past, people used to christian their wards to remember their parents. So, they always named a child with their grand parents names. Later astrologers suggested the names according to their Star and Rasi etc. My parents named me with my maternal uncle's name as my mother was very affectionate with her brother. But I named my children with whatever I liked without referring to any astrologer or numerologist. All are doing well with their names.
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    In our religion and caste, we do give credence to the star on which day we were born and accordingly name is chosen. First the grand father or the grand mother name is compulsory, then the name chosen by the parents accoding to the star of the day and in my case I was the eighth son and therefore they have chosen my name as Mohan. And the third name would be pet name and that would be short. It is the fact that the time of the birth, the place of the birth and the day of the birth makes the good horoscope which can used future purpose. These three details would enable to get the best horoscope.
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    In our family, none of us was named based on Kundli or Rashi. My father never followed. I also never followed. But we believe in astrology. For astrology, the time of birth and place of birth are required and we note down them for all our family members. When a child is born in a family one may see the star of birth, time of birth and place of birth. This star is very important for deciding auspicious days for him to start any events. So in some families, they name their kids based on the star so that in future if they forgot their star, the priest can decide his birth star by seeing his name.
    In our family, the name of the eldest son will generally be the name of his father's father. In the same way, as I am the eldest son to my parents I was named after my father's father. His name and my name are the same. This practice is there in our family for many generations.

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