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    There is a difference between convincing someone and irritating them.

    When we see something wrong around us, the normal human behavior hiding inside us comes out and we try our best to convince the other person to stop, from doing wrong. Or sometimes it also happens that we want to get something done and want to convince the person in front of us, in both cases we put in all our efforts. But to change the mindset or thinking of any person is not as easy as we think, and you can try only up to a certain point, and this point decides whether you are explaining to the other person or irritating them. Knowing the nuance of this point, maintain your efforts and respect too, because when you start irritating someone, then your self-esteem is at risk the most.
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    I totally agree with the author. I cannot emphasis enough about how many times I've been irritated by people who try to convince me about something. Even though I am totally open to new opinions and suggestions but there is a difference between expressing your point and trying to convince that your point is the only right one. We as humans should always have the decency to maintain a certain distance whenever we try to explain someone something. It is a hard task to do. Therefore, we should be aware about the others perspective and be open to giving them space and time to think through. As the author said respect is indeed the key in any conversation.
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    That is a fact. You may be thinking that you are trying to convince the other person. The other person may be thinking otherwise. He may be thinking that you are irritating them. The level of tolerance will differ from person to person. I am an old-timer. So I sit with my father and try to hear whatever he says. He will tell the same thing again and again so that I will not forget the issue. He thinks that he is explaining the issue to me. But my younger brothers get irritated when he says the same thing so many times.
    One should irritate the other persons by trying to convince him many times. We should understand why the other person is not interested. He will have his own reasons. So forcing him to do certain things in which he is not interested may not be right. We should try to think from their side also and understand their point of view also. Otherwise, relations will get spoiled.

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    When I was working for a company in sales the boss used to tell me that if you are not convincing the customer. then confuse them , so that they should keep on contacting us. Same way the author has been suggesting that we should try to convince and should not irriatate them. But in the process of convicing the opposite person would not agree to our points and way of convincing and thus the irritatning statements pour in. If the convincing is not agreed and the opposite person is adamant to his or her point of view , then the tiff is for sure and that could lead to irritating, annoying and even disturbing the tranquil atmosphere in the home or office.
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    In some cases the convincing itself become an irritating issue. Many of the people around us do not like advising but it is difficult to keep 'mum' when they are erring or skipping. At that situation if we advising them in the way of convincing that makes us as enemy. A friend of mine who is very close to me, fell in the circle of diabetic. As normally he has somewhat stout body, I told him by telling the need of regular walking by convincing him that he have enough time in the morning etc., But since then he avoided me from talking and seeing.

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    Yes, those two are absolutely different but whenever we see something wrong do we always take the initiative to stop the person from doing wrong? Think of bribing an official to get the job done. Knowing fully well that bribing is an offence many indulge in it instead of raising their voice. Now let me come to the point of convincing and irritating someone. Convincing a person and trying to convince a person is different. If you can convince a person he will not be irritated in any way but if you try to convince a person who is not interested to listen to you or follow your suggestions then it will be irritating to that person. If you understand that the person is feeling irritated then you must stop. Actually, convincing somebody about something may be somewhat different than repeating the same thing over and over again. Repetition of the same thing over and over again will irritate a person but to convince somebody you need to be very logical while making your point and you must also respect the view of the other person. Unnecessary application of force to convince somebody cannot work all the time.

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