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    Doing a thing meticulously and perfectly has its own satisfaction

    Many people undertake various jobs but a few are there who try to do them in an efficient and perfect manner leaving no room for mistakes or ambiguities. Doing a thing so perfectly requires planning, homework, and patience. Everyone will not like to spend so much time in one activity as there are many things to be done in our lives. But the fact is that a meticulously done work speaks by itself and the results vouch for it. Moreover the person who has such an inclination towards work will derive immense satisfaction from doing the jobs with such accuracy and precision. Sometimes the results or rewards might not be commensurate but that does not affect such people because the satisfaction they derive from working in such a fashion is above everything else. What do the members think about this?
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    Every one does the work and wants to complete the same. But some does the work with their heart and soul put on it and thus the meticulously and perfectly done work us more inner satisfaction. Once I was chanced upon to grace the Rangoli competition organzied by the Atomic Energy school at ECIL and it was well participated by the parents of the students and I could see some parents thinking the group as their home front and decoratd the Kolam or Rangoli with beautiful design and color and the judges were so pleased to see such a nice perfection work. So immediately on seeing this thread, my thoughts went to that competition and the women has won the award for the best Rangoli with a shield and cach prize on the occasion of Sankranthi. So nothing would go wrong when we have perfection of work done.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true. Some people always try for perfection. They plan things meticulously and try for perfection. They will not leave the work till they are satisfied. But some people just complete and they feel that they did their job.
    I know a carpenter. We got our furniture made by him. He works very meticulously and he wants the item to be perfect in all ways. Even we are satisfied he will not stop the work and do it till he gets the satisfaction. He says that we should do justice to the work. We are being paid and we should see that the person will give the money happily. Sometimes he takes more time for delivering the material. He never compromises on the quality of his work. The assistants who work with him sometimes gets fed up with him. He will be checking their work and tell them if any modifications are required. He will not allow them to stop the work till he is satisfied with the outcome.

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