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    A great man who ruled the country in troubled times.

    Mr P V Narasimha Rao was the first Prime Minister of India from South India. He was the only Telugu Prime Minister so far. He is one of the greatest politicians produced by this country who believed that the nation is more important than the political system. He served as the 9th Prime Minister of India from 1991 to 1996. When he became the Prime Minister the country was in financial troubles. He had no absolute majority in the parliament. But he ruled the country in those troubled times successfully and changed the direction of the country. The concept of globalisation has been initiated by him.PVNR is referred to as the father of reforms.

    Today is his 100th birthday. The government of Telangana observed last year as the centenary year of this man. Today his statue was unveiled by the Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan. On this day I salute this great leader who initiated the reforms.
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    On his 100 th birthday I send my greetings his family members and PV Narasimha Rao being the son of Telangana even the TRS government take pride in celebrating his great birthday. Probably he was one of the poitician who knows all the fourteen languages that appears on the currency notes and he was no controversial man. He took the reigns of the country when the Congress party was in trouble and got good name even with the opposition parties. But what is more worrying is the present condition of the Congress. In the same Telangana the party high command has appointed Revanth Reddy as the TSCP President to which the seniors are objecting and not agreeing to work under him. On this day the Congress should brace and sort out the differences and work unitedly for the lost glory of the party.
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    I would like to thank the author for reminding us of this valuable day. Mr. P V Narasimha Rao was the greatest politician and the 9th Prime Minister of India. There is no doubt that respected Narasimha Rao was an intelligent person who introduced the LPG formula to the country and even today we have a special global ranking due to the LPG policy of the country. The time when he was elected, was a very challenging time for the country due to financial or economic imbalance meant, but because of his ability and intelligence, our country passed out that difficult time also. He was a great leader and always be in our memory.

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    Whenever we talk of great scholar, his name cannot be forgotten. He had the command of over fourteen languages but at the same time, he was not at all proud of his qualities. The country was passing through the critical situation during that period. The economy of the country was at the critical stage and under his able leadership, we could successfully control the situation. He was rather bold during the turbulent time and due to this reason, he could prove to be an able administrator. He earned respect from other countries as well for his positive attributes.

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    I pay homage to the great man on his 100th birthday. Mr P V Narasimha Rao was a scholar in a true sense and under his leadership globalization in our country started in the '90s. A politician of a different calibre he never thought of politicising trivial issues like the present-day politicians. To lead a country one must have the idea of the whole country, its culture, its values. He was an avid reader and mastered 17 languages. He also translated many literary works of other Indian languages to Telegu and had a collection of books. Though he initiated economic reforms in our country he will be remembered more for his scholarly works.

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    I was not aware that today is Narasimha Rao's 100 th birth day. None of the newspapers I rad reported that. I did not even see any net reports about Congress party followers commemorating that.

    I have some favourable bias to Rao. He was a very knowledgeable person. I have my admiration towards him mainly for his multilingual skills. I really became attracted when I heard him speak fluent Marathi on his visit to a village in Maharashtra. I was actually expecting a free and frank autobiography from him. But he really betrayed many like me. Had we known all the facts from him firsthand, he would have been looked up with an entirely different view and understanding. Instead of giving tit-for-tat r exposing those who ditched him, he chose to keep silent and allow truths to be buried with him. That is a sad fact lingering.

    Rao was a very simple man even after reaching the topmost political position any politician dreams for. It is really sad that the country and people did not use his vast knowledge and experience properly.

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    P.V.N.Rao was known for his economic reforms and he was also the first P.M. who cared about development in northeastern states. He was a great leader as the author has written about him and I agree with him too but he was one of the most controversial PM of our country. Lakhubhai, Chandra swami, Harshad Mehta etc his name was allegedly connected to them also, moreover, JMM horse-trading was a stain on his character as a politician.

    All these allegations were true or not is a different matter but his name was allegedly involved in these scams.
    It is also blamed that he weakened the Congress party and caused a split in his party.

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    Indeed he was known for his bold decision who opened the doors of globalization in India.
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