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    Can health and tourism if given impetus improve our economy ?

    Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman has proposal to give big boost to the health and tourism sector which has the potential to attract more investment in India and from abroad. We know that health sector has suffered a lot as the private sectors were looting the patients in the guise of modern treatment to the covid patients and yet not recovered and tourism also has the good potential as Kashmir has been opened up for even cinema shootings. Do you feel that given the right impetus to the health and the tourism sector , can India gain past glory of great economy development ?
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    Economic development depends on multiple factors and these two things would also add to that. Only thing is the issues are to be considered and covered in a holistic way. Today, we are having many problems which are impeding our growth. On one side unemployment is creating big disappointment in the young generation and on the other side the corruption in the system is scaling new heights. In such a dreadful situation any new idea might not work until we try to improve at many fronts at the same time. There is need of strengthening the manufacturing segment. Export potential is to be increased. More conducive environment for business is required. There are many issues to be taken up and definitely in that scenario these two things will also add to the economic development
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    India need to explore more Kashmir and has the good potential for the tourism.
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    The overall development of the country depends on many issues. The whole system is to be critically examined and loopholes should be closed. Then only we can see real development.
    We should come out of freebies to the poor and the government should be ab;e to show a way to them to earn their food. How long frees will continue. The whole money coming in the form of taxes is going into the systems as freebies and expenses for administration. That should change. Wealth is to the created. For that industry and service sector should develop. Value addition should be done. Then only money can be created.
    As mentioned by the author tourism is one sector where there is a large potential to grow. But because of the present pandemic situation no activity in that direction. The recent spread of the virus showed us the deficiencies in our health care system. Keeping these things in view only I think the finance minister proposed this focus on the health sector and tourism. Corruption and unemployment are the two things that are spoiling the whole system. How to control them is a big question?

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    Tourism has always been and always will be an important part of the growth of the economy. By promoting tourism, attracting more tourists, growth in the economy of the country can be expected. At present, it is difficult to say anything about the health system because still we have not crossed the stage of that dangerous epidemic where we can call ourselves completely compelled. The government and other organizations or institutions are applying their efforts at their level but it will take a long time.

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    Our present economic situation is poor. However, we should hope for the best. Health and tourism should be improved to uplift the economic graph. The views of the author are good. But the health sector is in the hands of rich people that invite rich people for treatment. Poor people or the middle class don't have accessibility to these five star or seven stars hospitals. As far as tourism is concerned foreigners are hesitant to visit India because it is the most corona-affected country in the world. International media is also giving the wrong image of the country. So we can't expect too many tourists from foreign countries despite all our efforts.

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