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    Some people are fond of just collecting books.

    Members we have discussed Books and Reading many times but this thread of mine is not related to books reading but is related to the collection of Books. I love reading books very much and probably many of us have this common hobby, maybe that is why we are all here today.

    We buy books because we want to read them but I have seen some people who love books but they don't like reading. It may sound a bit strange but I have seen it. I have an uncle who often buys new books and keeps them in his room but does not read them, and knows the summary of the book through the medium of the internet.

    I also like to collect books very much but the reason for that is because I like to read books and I buy a maximum of 2-3 books at a time and only after reading them, I like to buy other books.

    I have found this different hobby of books collection in only a few people, are there any book lovers around you who like to be surrounded by books but do not read books?
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    Having a book but not reading it is as good as not having the book. We may know the summary of the book. But we can't enjoy the content unless otherwise, we read it fully. How the story went on, how the writer managed various situations in the story will be known when you read the book completely.
    But as mentioned by the author some people will have a passion for purchasing the books and keeping them in their library. But I know some people who never purchased a book but collected from somebody to read.
    One of my friends in PG was spending some time playing cards. He used to gain money in the game and he purchased many subject books with that money. He used to read all those books without fail. He is very intelligent and presently he is in the USA in a senior position there.

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    It's quite interesting and I think there are many such persons who like to collect a lot of books. You will find many people who keep on purchasing things but never use all the things they purchase. Some just lie at the corner of their storage place. I think they do the same thing for books also. After listening to somebody they may feel interested to collect the book or after reading the review they may think of that book as a collector's item and purchase it. But if a person only collects books and does not read them we should not call her/him a book lover.

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    It is definitely a good hobby if you read books and so you want to have your own collections. To that extent, it is alright. However, there are some keeping the books on in the self where you can observe the title of the books. These books are written by some eminent writers having got applause from the different sections of readers. However, it is a strange fact that they have not read them at all but the collections were made to impress their known circles regarding his taste. In that you can tell them they have the ocean of knowledge with them but unfortunately they did not avail of its pleasures.

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    Some people have a fancy for books but limited only to collect and not to read. This may sound strange but true. They might be thinking that one day they would read those books but that day never comes. Some of these people keep these books in the glass panelled cupboards in their drawing rooms. They must be feeling proud of that especially in front of the visitors or guests.
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    Books are not the decorative items or pieces to adore the racks and if that is happening, it is a mere waste of money. I have also seen some people stocking the books in their all rooms and if anyone visit them would think that the person would be great reader. Unfortunately none of the books are read or understood. They will not part those book to others but keep on adding to the stock. Even if one book is read per week, the knowledge base would increase immensely. Once the reading habit starts with glancing, the person would invovle with deep reading and that would create a avid reading habit.
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    The author is right. Many people I have heard that they are fond of collecting books. My uncle, father's sister husband, who was retired postmaster was having a room full of collection of books. My father's brother too have a box full of books irrespective of topics. This was included the collection of novels from weekly magazines.During the vacation it is the time pass to all of us as to read the story books. Like that only I read many novels of 'Kalki' like Alai osai, Ponniyin selvan. Thillaana Mohanambal of Kothamangalam subbu which was later taken as Cinema in Tamil which became very famous picture- that story also I read from my uncle's collection. But after his demise we could not trace the books as the borrowers did not returned.
    Besides I read in Madurai one aged person called Murugesan having more than 10000 books comprising novels, text books on various subjects and offering free service to requiring aspirants and students for referring and return.

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