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    We must support and uphold those who support us.

    There will be no one on this earth who lives only by their ability. Ignorance about the lives of those who give us life is an unforgivable mistake. It is some other effort that provides support and shade for every life.

    Becoming a servant of another is for one's survival. Those who do so with sincerity will be with a lot of grief inside. Many do not even try to ask those who provide them the amenities 'are you fine?' But if any deficiencies in the facilities occur, at once reprimanded. Many people use someone when they work hard for them and avoid them when they cannot. Those who do not know the weakness of those who stand for themselves cannot be human.

    Many unknowingly work behind those who stand within the halo. One must experience the absence of them, at least for a while, to understand their values. We must be able to support and shade those who support us.
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    It's very important but in many cases, as mentioned by the author, people forget those who support them during various phases of life. Every work is important. Rather than being too conscious about the rank, the work has to be respected. Those who employ a maidservant at home can understand the situation if she is absent for a day. Since many of the works in the house are done by the maidservants some may not imagine how things remain in shape in her presence. They begin to understand if they are absent. Other than that there are many people in our lives who provide some kind of support when in distress. This support can be even moral support and we need to remember that everyone plays their role and that's why things remain well-managed. Everybody is dependent on some other persons and every individual should be aware of their supportive roles.

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    The author has been consistently coming up with value based threads and this is one more feather in his cap. Life is the give and take policy and we normally respect those who respect us. But we are duty bound to support those who are have already supported us in many times In this regard I cite the example of elections. If the candidate be it a local election, state or the central election, has proven his mantle and worked for the welfare of the area and constituency we are duty bound to elect him or her again. We should never forget the favors and help of others during the emergencies and need and we are unconditionally need to support them when they seek such help from us. One thing is sure. this life is revolving around the existence of good people around us, and if we fail to recognize them and give support , wrong doers would be on the prowl.
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    We should be grateful to those people who support us morally or in the time of crisis, they go to the extent of offering us monetary support liberally helping us to come out of the crisis. It is only because of their help in the form of moral support or otherwise, we have forged ahead. It would be unfortunate on our part not to take care of such Samaritans in the hours of their troubles. Such an act is the reflection of our selfish attitude and it is the fact that the people supporting us in our need and not getting the reciprocality would severely hurt with our act.

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