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    Does the law of diminishing returns affect our food expectations ?

    In economics we have studied that the law of diminishing returns start working from the soil and the agriculture out put would be less over the course of time and this implies that commensurate with the population the world in general and India in particular would certainly have the shortage of food and how we are going to address the famine like situation. Is there any alternative not to depend too much from the agriculture produce and yet lead the normal life without starvation. Can the members suggest the ways and means ?
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    The agricultural output may not be sufficient for the increasing population but scientific advancements of increasing crop yield are also in place and more and more new technologies are being inducted in this field. Still the apprehensions made raised by the author have their own merit and the future of food situation in the world could go haywire also due to various factors including population explosion.
    Scientists are claiming chemical substitutes of foods by amalgamating the proteins, minerals, and other supplements but how much they would be able in replacing the natural food is a big question.

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    The author has rightly said, there is a possibility of increasing population and decreasing production of food grains in the coming time. Storage can be done to some extent through food processing and food grain storage etc. But as it is known that the storage capacity in India is also not very high, along with this, due to lack of proper management of transportation, many times the grains also rotten but cannot be used. If in the same way, if the fertility of the land is reduced in the future, then surely we will have to increase the dependence on other countries for food grains and import more, more import means increase in cost in the economy and then inflation will be arises.

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    The population is increasing. So the food requirements will also increase. Of course, it may be increasing proportionally as the average food consumption by a person has come down over a period of time. The eating capacities of individuals has come down drastically. But a situation may arise that food may not be sufficient.
    Milk and milk-based products are also good alternatives for food. So increasing the population of animals like cows, goats and buffalos is one alternative. We will get more milk and other products.
    Synthetically made food substitutes are also thought of by many people. I think Scientists are working on this concept and we may get some positive results on this. Growing more trees which will give us fruits and vegetables is also away. These days we are seeing small kitchen gardens, building top gardening etc. They may also offer a good quantity of food and may come in handy to some extent.

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    How alternate foods and fruits can mitigate our hunger of future is the big adjustments.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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