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    Giving knowledge for free is not everyone's cup of tea.

    Last year when the Corona pandemic started, the teachers of some coaching classes started giving free classes to the students preparing for the competitive examinations and these classes were online only. But after some time the teachers stopped the online classes as their interest had waned. One of these was in my identity, when I asked him the reason for this, his answer was that how much knowledge someone will give for free, if he gets a fee, then there is also interest in teaching. It is true that money is the need of human beings but can't we also share our knowledge without money? Especially when we know that knowledge grows by sharing.
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    When teaching is the profession and career of someone for a livelihood then the question of providing it free does not arise. It is very simple business proposition that I am teaching you something in lieu of remuneration. Now there are people who are financially well off and then want to coach or help some poor students then it is in the nature of charity and is a praiseworthy thing. These people are actually doing it in helping mode and not in a commercial or business mode. So, depending on these situations the value of teaching stands in varying perspective. If someone is doing it for free for sometime as addvertisement of the full course that one can impart on payment then that is also a business proposition. There is nothing free in this world and why then one would teach others freely.
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    For that matter nothing comes for free in this world and everything has to accompany with a fee. If some teachers were generous enough to offer free tuitions to the needy students, that cannot be taken as granted always as the time ane energy is wasted and though during the pandemic the liesure time is more but one should not misuse the rights of the teacher to their advantage. Even in olden days the Guru has to be paid with Dakshina for the Siksha being rendered and that implies that education and tuition cannot come for free. I fail to understand that even the parents are not aware of this and asking teachers to go for online free tuitions. What the author shared is right as one teacher expressed as to how long the teaching can be done for free and that would be without the responsibility and care. I think that is the big point made.
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    It all depends on the position of the individual. When you are hungry and you have no food you will think of earning your food. For that, you may teach somebody for a fee. A teacher who reached the students will never work for free. He is getting a salary for teaching the people. It is a profession. We can't find fault with that. But when you are working as a teacher if some student approaches you for clarification as a teacher you should do it. You can't refuse or you can't demand remuneration for that.
    These days there are many people who teach tuitions and earn their livelihood. During this pandemic also some people who lost their jobs survived by giving tuition to some people. If I am financially happy and I have free time I need not worry about money and I can teach them without taking money.
    In the olden days students used to stay with Guru and serve him and learn the subject from them. There is no money involved in this. But now that system is changed.

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    You can definitely share your knowledge, without money, with someone who is interested to know something from you and for that, you need to manage some time from your usual routine. If teaching is a profession then also teachers help students who are weak or cannot afford tuition but if this free teaching is for marketing purposes then after a certain time it is discontinued. We do everything for a purpose. When we help others the purpose is to do something for their benefit without expecting anything in return. But if somebody tries to help others with the intention that others will pay her/him for the help then I am sure the person will be disappointed if not paid. I think the same thing happened in the case mentioned in the thread. Here the intention of the person is important and not the payment.

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