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    Do not sweep or eat food during sunset.

    Many rules have been made in our culture and all those have been followed by many people. There is such a rule that during the sunset, neither we should eat food nor should we sweep the house. I have followed this rule since childhood, that's why now it has become a habit and we give this habit to our upcoming generation also.

    I have found a special thing that the importance of the rules given in our scriptures etc. has also been proved scientifically, that is why my curiosity is always to know what is the scientific reason behind a particular rule. The coming generation is also very intelligent and wise and we must have factual statements to explain any rule to them.

    So I would like to know from our experienced and knowledgeable authors that help to know the scientific reason behind not eating food at sunset etc.
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    According to Jain - religion, taking food after the sunset is not advisable due to some religious relief. They are of the opinion that there is the chances of swallowing of some tiny creatures along with the dishes not visible to the naked eyes. Hence to avoid such a sin, they skip taking any item after the sunset. Apart from this belief, it is supported by a scientific explanation.
    Even this has the concurrence of the doctors as well supporting rest of the digestive system for at least for twelve hours to make the system better. While practising the same, we might face some sort of inconvenience initially, but later we will be habituated with such a practice.
    Once we practice the same, we will reap innumerable health benefits such as strengthening the liver and a better sleep - cycle as a result of better functioning of digestion.

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    It is said by the elders at the home that we should not sweep the fore court or the back yard of the house during the Sun set as that is the time we have to recieve the Goddess Lakshmi to hour homes as at 6 pm we normally light diyas in the evening hours. And during the sun set we should not eat the food because the digestion would not be so perfect. But during Ramzam the Muslims would go for the relief of fasting and eat the food immediately after the sun set. So these rules are controversial according to the religions and their following that faith. Nevertheless our elders are not that educated enough to give the exact reasons for their orders and tips, but we have to follow them as the same legacy has been passed on to them by their elders and we should not question that without knowing the details from ourselves. Let us see how this thread is responded by others.
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    These rules and guidelines were made by our great ancestors who had some observations of the nature and its mysteries around them and they arrived at some conclusion and made these rules which were very convincing for the society at that point of time. The modern science was not there at that time so we cannot say how it is valid from that angle as modern science has its own parameters and benchmarks for ascertaining the scientific validity in any such faith or belief. There are many beliefs which are proved to be scientific in nature as they appear to be beneficial for the health and prosperity of the community. So, there is no harm in following those things as a discipline in our lives without going into their scientific validity. The question as what to do and what not to do is a great mystery which science has yet to reveal and then only the correct answer to all these traditions can be answered.
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    We can't explain all the issues scientifically. Generally, science explains the things that are happening. There are many practices that are advised by our forefathers and they never gave any scientific reasoning for that. Many things they explained using the concept of God, good and bad, Dharma and adhrama. They made these points out of their experience.
    At the time of Sun Set, the light will be diminishing and you can't get a clear vision of things. That is why they might have advised cleaning the floor before the sun set. After putting on the light one should not sweep the house. This is generally the advice we will get from our seniors. That is why we should sweep our houses before the sun sets and then put on the light.
    Those days there are no electric lights and the lights they were using maybe not as effective as our electric bulbs. So eating in the dark is not advisable. Our elders used to eat before the sunset and they used to go to sleep very early in the night.

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    This was told by elders as well followed by them well and they lived well without major illness. But we people of present ignore or set aside elders words more and suffering a lot. The context taken here by author was told by me to my younger brother once and his reply was,'in those days there was no power supply and thereby no light in the house, if we eat during the sunset then people could not identify the hair etc. in the food, Similarly if they sweep in the night they could not track the missed items in the daylight. Now we have enough light and why should we follow the old superstitions?'.

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