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    A child fell into the borewell again- A serious problem.

    We often see and read in the news that a small innocent child fell in a borewell at some particular place. Although in most of the cases the lives of the children are saved, sometimes after 9 hours and sometimes 15 hours of effort, the child is taken out of the borewell pit. But during this long period of time, the life of that innocent remains trapped in so much trouble. Where we elders also get nervous in the dark and in small places, when we have trouble breathing, how do these younger innocent children deal with that time?

    It is very sad that even after so many accidents, no strict steps are taken for this. I accept that there are many such accidents in the country where people lose their lives but no strict steps are taken but this matter is of innocent children and their safety is very important because they do not know how to protect themselves yet.

    In this case, first of all, parents should also be careful that when borewell work is being done at such a place, keep the children away and such pits should be covered by some big stone, etc. that can be done even by the local people. After all, a dangerous accident in which the child survives too but can have a negative effect on his mental state.
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    Small children always have the curiosity to know new things happening around them, and the borewell activity is the big thing happening and the child arouse more interest as to how the water gushes from tube set inside the groud. All these matters would make the child to explore more and in that process the child peeps into the uncovered bore and thus end up falling into the bore. There has been many cases in the recent past even in Telangana and the children who were trapped and died are the labour children who accompany the parents to the work. These children cannot be left behind at home as there are no care takers. Here comes the main problem as the labors would be busy with construction works and the small children are left with no one to attend. Nevertheless the owner has to cover the borewell with the clothes or gunny bags,
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    In many places the bore wells are dug without any safety measures and many times the digging place is devoid of any protection fencing or things like that. Sometimes the workers just vanish without completing the work and the contractor also disappears from the scene. If something of that nature happens and if some children fall inside it then there is no one to be charged for the negligence. Care and precautions are to be taken from both the sides the parents as well as the workers working at the bore well site. Carelessness is the root cause of these incidents and the person in charge under whom this digging is going on should take and proper care and educate the people around about it.
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    That is true. We hear news about such accidents very frequently. One should always follow the safety guidelines while doing such works. No boreholes should be left unattended or unfenced. This is a simple way to avoid such serious problems. But the persons doing this work will never follow this. If we keep some fencing around the borehole and a caution board nobody will go nearby. But the project executing personnel will never do that. They don't keep any signboards and fencing. No much technology is required. Just concern for the lives of other people only should be there. In a big open area if there is a big hole without any fence how can a new person can notice it? Caution boards that are written very clearly in bold letters should be displayed around the hole. The place should be isolated and arrangements should be made so that no person can reach near the hole.
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    Whether the small child fell into the deep bore well or in a small pit water or even in water tub in the house the mistake should not be viewed from the side of government or contractor, though it is correct in actual. But where the responsibility of parents gone? How can they ignore the child? This is possible only present day parents. previously normally the mothers are compared with the tortoise which concentrate their thoughts on the eggs though they are in the deep sea. But present parent ignoring their children very much. While the authorities taking action or initiating enquiry they should equally enquire or punish the parents also.

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    In our Indian- setup whatever we do, there is always a loophole in our working. We have witnessed numerous accidents where the children have fallen into boreholes not barricaded properly. Sometimes these children are very minor and even cannot guess the ultimate outcome. The contractors deployed in such areas remain absent from the spots and the labours are free to move from the area without taking any safety measures for the pedestrians. However such accidents are attributable to the negligence of the different parties including the parents. However, instead of playing of games hurling to one another, appropriate care should be taken up by the authorities taking up such constructions.

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    Parents should take care about their children if borewell work is going on somewhere near their homes. People who might be there must stop children from going close to borewell. People who are digging the pit should keep children away from there.
    When the work is incomplete then workers should cover the pit in a proper way.

    It.must be very suffocating for a child who falls into the well. How dangerous this situation is can't be imagined.

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    Indeed a serious problem and we all need to be more responsible. Through these borewells, groundwater is drawn and there are many illegal borewells all over the country. Some state governments have taken steps to close the illegal borewells but not sure how many of them were really closed. All the borewells must be covered to avoid such incidents and the responsibility to find out the uncovered borewells lies on the part of the local administration. While it is the primary duty of the parents to look after and protect their children there are some cases when parents fail to restrict their children from moving here and there. If the borewells are covered these incidents will reduce and people in every locality must also pressurise the authorities to cover or close down the illegal borewells for their own safety.

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