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    One nation one ration card, why the government delaying ?

    On the one hand the central government claims that it is ready to supply food grains under the National food guarantee program and on the other hand it is delaying the promise of one nation one card that was the far reaching decision as it would benefit the poor immensely, mostly the labors and migrants who have the card in their name at their home state and cannot have the products due to non presence. This move will certainly benefit but the government is delaying the implementation and the SC has passed remarks on it to speedy implementation.
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    It is right that now it is the high time that Govt should focus towards this massive exercise and make the records alright. Unfortunately in our country we are very poor when it comes to implementation and local politics always comes in picture to safeguard the interests of the local voters in one way or other. States wants to have certain distributions as per their convenience and everyone knows how the records of people are maintained in the state Govt offices. So, the fact is that there should be only one card for one person and it should replace Adhar card, Ration card, Voter card, PAN card etc so that the credentials of that persons are known fully and his hidden bank accounts should be disclosed if any. Until this type of radical exercise is done, I do not see any improvement in the system especially at the implementation side. Even if a person has entered from outside in our country we can always issue him a card with a remark that he entered India in such and such year and will be here temporarily till he is sent back to his country of origin. The online details of this card holder will be known to the Govt on a continuous basis. Until we have this type of transparency in the system it would be very difficult to monitor as people will have multiple cards taking one benefit with one and other benefit with other. If a country wants to develop it has to take hard decisions which many people would not like especially whose black money is unearthed.
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    Every time the courts has to intervene to remind the government about its forgotten promise.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    One nation and one ration card. A very good idea. But if it is implemented the State governments will have a setback and they may not come into the light. These days whatever benefits that are being passed on from the central government are delivered to the person by the State government by giving a new name to the scheme to the same scheme. The people are thinking that help is coming from the State government. But one nation and one ration card system is implemented they will be at a loss. That is one reason why this is getting delayed I think.
    From the last one and held year the whole nation is in problems and pandemic hit the country very badly. The governments are not able to concentrate on any other issue. Full attention is on that only.
    But as mentioned by the court such things can't be delayed and one should make a beginning and complete at the earliest possible. Now let us see how the government is going to react and implement the scheme in the country. Hope now it may go on a fast track.

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    When the stocks are supplied through national food guarantee program central has the name.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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