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    300 units free power, will AAP make it if wins the Punjab elections ?

    Next year the Punjab state is going to elections and the parties are vying to dethrone the on going government and AAP which wants to grab the Punjab state has gone one step further by announcing 300 units free power to all the Punjabi families and that is the whooping offer because the ordinary consumption of middle class family would be 150 units per month and Kejriwal seems to have have covered even the creamy layer of the society,there by putting BJP and the Congress in quandry over this poll promise. Will that be possible to fulfill after the elections ?
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    KCR promised that he will not become the Chief Minister and he will make a BC candidate as CM of the State during his election campaign. We all know what happened in Telangana. Like this many parties may make many promises before the elections. But once they win the elections they never take them seriously and they may say we never mean it? The same Kejriwal may say that up to 300 units free power to Punjabi families whose income levels are less than a lakh of rupees per annum. Then what happens. Unless otherwise, they mention their scheme in writing in their manifesto we can't rely on them. Even the points mentioned in their manifesto may also be ignored and nobody can question them.
    As long as the governments want to spend their days giving freebies to people and try to win the elections we can't see any progress or development

    always confident

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    But having given free power in Delhi and got good name for the same. Kejriwal can be believed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a great offer to people and surely everybody will think over this offer. Once we elect our leaders we can not do anything against them If leaders do not fulfil their promise after elections we can't say to them why they did not fulfil their promise. However, some people are often heard saying that they are waiting for their share in their bank account.
    Kejriwal has given freebies to people in Delhi What the people of Punjab think about his promise let the days of elections come closer.
    There is nothing wrong in freebies to people. All people should be given freebies by the government as all the MPs and MLAs are given.

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    Nothing comes for free but instead the cost shifted to somewhere else and this way someone else will be made to pay for this empty bracket. In Delhi if free electricity is given up to a limit, then we were also evident of the migrant workers during the Covid times. The Delhi government ran out of funds and the whole system including that of Mohalla Clinic got flopped.

    We are often evident of the Delhi government asking Centers for more funds.

    Up to a certain limit subsidized rates are well appreciated but giving FOC is not understood. Can you imagine the type of mentality that one tend to have when addicted to freebies. Simply one will stop giving more efforts for his better life and instead will keep asking for more. This would not be healthy for an individual or for a State or for a nation. And in a long run this is going to be self-destructive.

    The Kejriwal has brought a new low in the Indian Politics after Congress Party who always have ruled on "divide and rule".

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    But the offer was whooping and the other national parties are taken aback.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many promises have been made by the parties before elections but hardly some of them could be fulfilled by the winning party, so now the public is enough wise to understand the parties and their members. Our politics is quite unpredictable so it may not so easy to predict who will win the election but sometimes offers given by the movement help to improve their fan following. But the offer that AAP is giving sounds unpractically, let see will they make it practical and possible within the available resources and system.

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    Nowadays politicians and parties many any kind of promises before elections. These are mostly aimed at attracting and influencing vote banks or bulk votes to them. I elected to power, they may fulfil some f the most populous promises too.
    Why can't they? The money and resources needed for that is not coming from their individual salary, savings or personal wealth. It s public money.
    What actually happens is Rob Peter to pay Paul. When new islands arise o Oceans some other area goes underwater and the people there drown to their death.
    This practice is only going to increase. Sustenance, survival and existence will depend on how much bargaining capacity a section is having with number and size in bulk voting and becoming vote bank.The nation has already suffered some irreparable damage and whatever is now left also will be soon damaged.

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    We should not be influenced with the mere promises of the politicians and they are the masters making such promises to woo the common voters. 300 units of free electricity per month can not only provide relief to the common men but the same will be extended to well off families. If we calculate in terms of expenses of the electricity consumption, it turns out massive. Now the question is where from the same is to adjusted. Definitely, some more taxes are to raised to make up the expenses and hence no problem. After the election is over and if they win, they may change their version even. Hence we need not be serious with their promises. However, we have seen how AAP government is managing Delhi Administration with their promises. Considering their efficient administration with regard to schools, hospitals and other facilities offered to the people of Delhi is remarkable. To that extent we can expect a clean governance system if they win.

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    BJP and Congress slammed the AAP for coming with unrealistic poll promise.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many politicians make such announcements and the gullible voters are trapped in the verbal attire. When a party is selected to rule the state or the country then the leader has to manage the earnings as well as spendings of the Govt. If such promises are made then they will do some adjustment here and there and people will not know those details and will feel happy that their electric bills are less. These type of things are known as robbing Paul to pay Peter. Leaders should come out with solid plans of the development and not these lures to attract the voters.
    Knowledge is power.

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