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    Can police in India do it?

    It is reported in the newspapers that the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia was fined for the breach of COVID 19 protocols. Barnaby Joyce was paying for fuel in a fuel filling station without wearing a mask. A citizen of Australia noticed the same and called Crime Stoppers, an emergency hotline. Immediately the police arrived at the fuel service station and enquired. They imposed a fine on him for breaching a public health order by not wearing a mask. This is a piece of authentic news that got published in many newspapers.
    This incident tells us about the awareness of the public in following the protocols. Many of our leaders are talking in public without any mask. But nobody will object to it. Here my question is whether somebody complains also whether the police can take such an action on a VIP? Can police in India do it?
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    Except India the law enforcing agencies are strict in other countries for them everyone is same and they take any violation of rules as the serious lapse and fine is imposed irrespective of who the person is. On the other hand I have seen the video that somewhere in Tamil Nadu the ruling party MLA relative who was caught without the helmet by the police was later released without fine as he prevailed upon the calls from the close quarters and the boy was let off. Shame on the police and the leaders who influence their positions to create loss and bring bad repute to our foces by pressurising them not to take any action.
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    President of Chile was jogging on the beach, a lady was also out for a morning walk. Seeing him she requested him to have a selfie, the president allowed her. She shared this photograph on social media, the mainstream media also published and gave it a place in their newspapers with complaints of some people that the president was not wearing a mask while jogging in the morning. And then the president was fined and the same happened with the president of Brazil, he was also fined for not wearing a mask.
    Actually, there is a vast difference between India and these countries. We elect our representatives and these representatives are our servants on paper and they call themselves Servants of people too but in reality, we elect our kings. If any policeman musters up his courage to warn (let alone fine) any political man who belongs to the ruling party in the state the policeman may face suspension.

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    No, because the police force is under the control of the government in our country. The police officials are also busy greasing the palms of the politicians for promotion and you may say it's a quid pro quo. There is a separate set of laws for politicians and high-end criminals. Yes, high-end criminals because in many cases, you will find some criminals/politicians are treated differently when it comes to punishing the guilty. We, the people think of the ministers as emperors and not representatives of the people. We all are so used to this and only if we wish to change we may change it. I do not know how many of us really wish these things to change and maybe that's why it is still continuing.

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    NO, We can but cannot. In India, the law enforcing authorities are very very weak, and also the judiciary. They worry only about the common people, but spare all the politicians, gundas and dadas who threaten them.
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