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    Can I cover my syllabus in one month?

    Due to covid and loss of family member, I was not able to study for my exams. Now university have announced the exam which are after a one. I have to cover the whole syllabus in a month. Can someone guide me out ho can I do it.
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    Don't be disappointed, we cannot change our past but in present, we can definitely make our future better with all our efforts. As you mentioned that your preparation has not been done yet, so now you have only one month.
    First of all, go through the syllabus thoroughly and understand it. After this, go through those subjects which are relatively easy for you, by doing this a part of your syllabus will be completed and it will help in increasing your confidence and you will be able to complete other subjects in less time.
    Based on the days of the month and on the basis of your exam timetable, decide on the fixed days to study the subjects and make a timetable and follow it strictly.
    One important thing, you should try to study from your self notes because the time is less, if you sit with the book then the time will take more, so study with short notes.
    You must solve the previous year's papers, many times questions are asked directly from the previous question papers in the examinations, along with solving the old papers also helps you to solve the paper in the examination.
    Do not be discouraged, try to read more and more in whatever time you have, your hard work will definitely give you success. All the best for your exam!

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    Very sorry to know that you lost the family member and the life becomes very terrfic on daily basis as we loose interest on everything. And being the student I do agree that you cannot concentrate on the studies and the time is very short to cover the whole syllabus. What I suggest you prepare for short anwers, knows answers and objective answers. You need not aim outstanding performance, at least a decent mark during this challenging period would sooth your mind. Instead of keeping away from the exam, write what is known to you and do not waste the academic year. This is my suggesstion.
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    You are the best judge. But I think you can do it. If there is a will there is a way. So be positive and start immediately studying the subjects. Make a plan. Divide the chapters into three classes. Easy to understand, a little difficult and very difficult. Start with easy subjects and complete them first. You can complete them very easily. easy to understand topics. Then go to a little difficult subject and whatever you can do from the last part. Make a point to spend more time for studies. That will ensure covering a major portion.
    Try to understand the subject and never try for making it by heart. Understand the subject and write them in your own words. That will be always a better way. Without understanding the subject making by heart is of no use and it may be difficult to remember everything by making by heart.
    Try to answer some of the old question papers. By seeing those papers, you can understand the pattern and get some idea about the methodology.

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    Many students are facing this problem. Now as per your narration, you have only one month left for the examination and naturally that is too less a time for preparing thoroughly. So, one thing is either one has to do selective studies or study for longer time to cover the syllabus at least once. In my opinion too much studying would bring strain and stress and one has to be careful about that aspect. I would recommend for a balanced approach in the matter and going for some selective part say about 70 to 80% of the syllabus. One can also consult some teacher or tutor who can give some practical tips in the matter.
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    Since time in your hand is hardly one month and the entire syllabus is to be covered within one month, you must take care of the available time. Even you may take the help of your teacher. You need to behave smartly how best this time can be utilised so as to secure the best marks. You may solve the questions papers of last five years since the most questions are repetitive in nature. This would not take so much time if you revise the subjects in such modes. Don't go through the entire syllabus due to limited time. Select the chapters covering at least 80 percent of the syllabus and that would not affect your performance since many times questions are set asking the aspirants to solve either of the questions. In that situation, it is not going to affect you. Instead of being nervous, start preparing intelligently.

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