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    SC verdict suggest 4 lakhs compensation to families for each of the Covid death patients

    Supreme Court verdict reserves 4 lakh rupees compensation to families for each of the covid patient death. Due to covid, many families lost their dear and family earning members. In some families, only children were left after the death of their elders. Due to save the family members they sold everything and spent everything that they saved. So the families were left under severe constraints. A case filed against this in the SC, got this verdict but the center put their helplessness in compensation to berieved families. The Center told the apex court that the poor economic situation of the center and states to respond positively to the compensation issue. PM care fund has a huge collection of funds. Do you think the verdict given by SC is justified? Is it not the duty of the government to protect and care for the families that are reeling under great misery? What do you think about it?
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    What I read a few days ago was that "SC reserves verdict on Rs 4 lakh ex-gratia compensation to kin of Covid-19 deceased"
    I am not aware of the final verdict. Hence, I cannot give a correct considered view now.

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    Like the national disaster management fund through which the govt has paid money to the cyclone affected families, there must be provision made to compensate the families who lost their near and dear ones due to covid deaths. Government cannot escape the burden stating that economic situation does not make provisions to allot money, but emergency money can be created for the same to help those who lost money. I fail to understand why Nirmala Sitaraman who is time and again infusing funds into the some sectors to revive the economy has totally forgotten the compensation to covid deaths and never provided any provisions in her budget proposals . Now also there is enough time for the government to act to levy some surcharge and pay compensation to the bereaved family of those who lost their lives in spite of attempting treatment.
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    Covid pandemic is of unprecedented nature and Govt worldwide are not able to protect the people from it due to no proper drug for it and is yet to be invented and in such a situation a large number of people are dying due to it. Under these circumstances Govt is bound to help the poor families who have lost their family members especially the earning ones. So, there should be some criterion as below a certain threshold of financial condition the help is to be rendered. I do not see that Govt has constraints of funds. It is actually never there and budget and such words are used to confuse the general masses. Even if funds are not there, Govt can levy more tax on the people above that threshold and pas it on to the poor. If there is a will there is a way. In such extreme conditions we should not be afraid of imposing additional taxes on the higher classes. It is only a temporary measure and once the pandemic is contained or eradicated these additional taxes will be removed.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, the SC reserved the verdict but not finally declared. The Central government told the court that both the State and Central governments are in difficult situations because of the pandemic situation and they are not getting the required amounts as the realisation through taxes has reduced. Instead of compensating a few if the same amount is utilised for health services infrastructure improvement, more may get benefitted. It is the opinion expressed by the Central Government.
    COVID spoiled many families and some of the families shattered also. Poor families who suffered a lot should be compensated. Otherwise, it will become very problematic to such families. At the same time rich families who are well to do need not be compensated. There should be some criteria for this and accordingly, the families should be compensated. The government can't run away from such responsibilities.

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