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    You can defeat boredom if you spend time on those which matters

    We have seen people often complaining that the life has become routine and boredom for them and they certainly need break. That means they are after such work and task which not mattered them the most, instead spent time on unwanted things and thus ended up to boredom mode. We always gave extra time and energy to those issues and matters which are more concerned to us in the long run and that proved to be the utility. So next time do not hurl the boredom phobia to others and pursue such things which keep you going.
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    Boredom sets in our lives when we are engaged in the routine jobs regularly and there is practically no change in such jobs. We all remain interested to take up some new assignment for the elimination of the boredom. There are different ways to keep ourselves engaged in different activities which can provide you quality time. We need some sort of introspection of our potentials and these can be utilised for the benefits of others. We may look around some kids living our nearby areas who are in need of our help in some subjects. If we are proficient in any subject say in English or Mathematics, we can pass our quality time with them by sparing sometime regularly with such an activity. What is more important is that we can have tremendous satisfaction when we come to know that they are consistently doing well in the subject being taught to you.

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    Generally boredom comes in the life of those who do not have any aim and objective and do things in a casual ways and take them lightly. Serious and dedicated people rarely complain of boredom. There could be many reasons of boredom in one's life but some of the prominent ones are - having more time available then the activities in hand, there is no responsibility on their head, they are directionless and have no target, they do not complete the tasks and just leave in the middle, they have no idea of time management and they have always vacant time in hand etc. In our lives, if we observe it meticulously, there is a fixed time and many things to complete and one will always have less time in hand if one thinks in that constructive way. So, there will not be any issue of boredom if one is busy in work of various kinds and nature which could bring variety in one's life and make it pleasant. Boredom is a state of mind and if mind is busy in working then there is no place for boredom there.
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    Do we feel bored while working a routine job for some years? I don't think anybody can feel boredom with any source of income and when the person has no other source of income, even in this situation if anybody feels boredom he must be a useless fellow.
    However, some young fellows are of this sort, they can't stay somewhere for a long time. These people can't stay in the marriage as they feel bored being engaged with someone as a life partner. They do the jobs for hours or weeks. They can't do any job for months or years, it is too boring for them.

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    Doing the same thing repeatedly where there is no chance of further development can be boring at times. I think exploring new things can be a tendency of our minds and that's why even if you have your favourite dish daily you will look for something else at times to stimulate your tastebuds. Machines like to perform the same task again and again because that's the way they are invented. Even nowadays machines are also becoming smarter so that they can adapt to certain external changes. Can we do only one task for the whole day without any break? There are some other aspects too which the mind wishes to explore. So if you feel bored do something that you feel will be able to rejuvenate you.

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    Same work daily has the tendency to get bored and we should do other works alongwith to get rid of boredom.
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    When there is no work only I will get bored. If there is work we may not get a chance of getting bored. We will be attending the work and we will be busy in doing. But when the work is not interesting it may not go as planned and in such case also we may get bored.
    These days all are in the house s only and no chance to go anywhere. So we are feeling as if we are on house arrest. People like me are habituated to go out at least once a day. But now there is no way I can go out. This is making me feel bored. Sometimes to come out of that boredom I am reading some books or playing with my granddaughters.
    Even these days housewives are also getting bored by doing the kitchen work more and more. They are not able to supply coffee and tea to their husbands who are busy working from home. They also are thinking about how to come out of this boredom.

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    Agree with the author, if a man wants then there are many ways to busy and in this world, the busiest person is happier than anyone. When we feel bore we think about our past or sometimes future. When we think about the past we, may get happy moments but in most, we find our mistakes, weaknesses, there may be many regrates also those can make us bother, even we know that from our mind and heart that we could not be changing them by worries but still we focused on them. When we think about the future unnecessarily then again we increase our anxiety or stress, so when we can find there are many losses to be free then it is advisable to be busy all the time. When it comes to making busy yourself and get rid of boredom then obviously we should choose the work that we like to do.

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