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    Do you accept remodelling the old temples?

    India is a country with a large number of temples that are very old. Some of them date back thousand years are more. The temples are built following certain principles from Agama Sastra. The sculpture is unique and mostly they are of stone. The sculpture is esthetically pleasant. All the constructions are very strong and stand the extreme weather conditions. Whenever we visit such temples, we feel great pleasure and inner peace. We will be in a trance-like position watching those temples and the sculpture that adorns them.

    Recently many of these old temples underwent or undergoing renovations with the usage of the latest floorings and lighting. One recent example is the Kasi Viswanath temple. I have seen the photographs of the renovations and very much pained. When a temple structure becomes weak or suffers partial damage, there is meaning in strengthening them. Renovation for the sake of beautification takes away the atmosphere that existed prior to renovation. How do you feel about remodeling or renovation for the beautification of these great old temples?
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    Old temples are our cultural heritage and we feel proud in maintaining and preserving them. It is true that we should not modify them in any way except repairing them with least destructive methods. I think our archaeological department is taking care of that fact nicely. As far as the question of fitting lights and other modern facilities in the temple buildings, it has always created controversies as people do not like to disturb the old walls, floorings, or panels as that would change the look and appearance to quite some extent. But the fact of matter is that we have to provide some minimum lighting and other things to keep the place in order. It is correct that these alterations should not be done in large scale and we should resort to a minimum of these modern facilities.
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    I am totally against the remodelling of old temple because those temples were constructed as per the agama shastra and at the intiation of Kings of those days who gave more importance to God and their presence. During the Jayalalithaa period she ordered restoration of old temple with past glory and does not initiated in changes of existing structure. Moreover the income for some temple was not forthcoming and she made the arrangement for temporary funds so that daily rituals are conducted. But what is the use of renovating the already existing temple with its past grandeour and glory. If at all any temple need to be renovated and the past sculptures are not available, they should take the help of Archealogical experts so that they advise on the course of action so that originality of the temple is not disturbed at the cost renovation.
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    Many temples in our country are spoiled by some rulers who ruled our country earlier. When we see the remnants of those temples we will feel that we are ditched. If one visits Hampi, how our excellent cultural exhibits are ruined by those kings.
    The artistic excellence shown in some of the temples which were constructed very early is a feast to our eyes and doing a similar work these days maybe not easy and a lot of searching is required to find people with such capabilities. So one should preserve them to the maximum extent possible. The Archaeological Department is managing these heritages very nicely. They are doing whatever required for protecting these constructions, They are taking care of all construction including temples as well as other places of worship. So the officers and executives in that department know well what to do and what not to do. So we should have confidence in the department and we should leave the matter to them.

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