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    Keep doing the work of your choice as long as your health allows.

    Sometimes I feel that people have unnecessarily connected age with working, whereas our age will never be a hindrance for some work which we like to do. Rather, if we look at it differently, age is a parameter of our work experience.

    So as long as your health is allowing you then you should do your favorite work and don't need to listen to the world. When a person retires at the age of 60, perhaps due to his mentality or the advice of the people of the world, he starts feeling weak or old. But sometimes some people who keep doing their favorite work continuously, it does not matter whether they are 30 or 60, they just keep working with their dedication.

    Here the importance is of favorite work if you really feel happy and joy by doing that work, then never stop doing same work, whether it is writing work, or cooking or whatever you like to do.
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    I have raised a thread regarding boredom and this thread is also in the same subject but it is till the health permits to which we have to continue the same work. Though the health plays important role in initiating and completing the work, the work credentials should also impress us so that it shoud not be discontinued in the middle. One thing is sure we must enjoy the work given and that would be rewarding for us and also the work giver. Anything done with half heart and haste would end up with wrong and short of work. Therefore work needs attention and completion should be important for which health must permit.
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    Health is very important. Our health will be good if we work and eat as required. Without working if you go on eating more and more your health will get spoiled. If we work hard and don't eat as required also your health will get spoiled. So one should do something or another and should not sit idle.
    Generally, people will retire from the job in their 60th year. It is retirement from the job only but not from life. This fact should not be forgotten. You need not do a job but you can have some work even when you stay in your house. Many senior citizens will have the habit of going for a walk. They will walk for an hour. During walking they meet their friends and they spend time together. Like that they will be doing something.
    These days everybody is having a chance to work from home. That will help us to do something or other. Without any work, if you sit, your brain may become a devil's workshop. You may get unwanted thoughts and that may make you feel sick.

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