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    Along with education, the interview process is also important for the students.

    When a person feels fully prepared for the job after graduation, only then he/she have to cross the most important ladder and that is the interview ladder. And then the person has to do a separate training or course for this. During education, we are given the knowledge of various subjects, many of which may not be more useful to us in the future than the purpose of the job, but it is necessary to be aware of all. Just as the knowledge of all subjects is necessary, in the same way, ways of explaining this knowledge in the interview are also necessary because this explanation is the one that will help during the interview in the future.

    There is no separate preparation for the interview, rather the technique of explaining the learned is the interview, but since the students have to face it directly at the time of the job, they are nervous. If the preparation is started at the school level itself, then perhaps it should be helpful in the job process. Members, what do you think about this?
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    I do agree that such preparation should start earlier. The interview is an interactive process and one has to learn how to present. While in the examinations students just write down the answers which they memorize after reading the subject in interview one has to explain things in their own words and for that, you cannot memorize things as you do not know what questions will be asked. Moreover, there will be many rounds in the interview process to judge the capability of the candidates on aspects other than the domain. Presentation skills are always important but unfortunately, the curriculum is not designed in that way and therefore the students run to finishing schools to learn how to present themselves during interviews. I do not think that knowledge of all subjects is necessary. Know what you need to know and there is no need to know things just for scoring marks in the examination. The syllabus can be modified by including the presentation skills in the curriculum so the students do not feel nervous during the time of interview.

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    The inputs provided by the professors during the graduation level plays an important in the interview provided the students have the sufficient command in the subjects taught in the classes. They should further read and understand the texts fully so that the basics are understood fully. The students prepare for the examinations with a view to clear the examinations and afterwards they are not serious for the interviews. This creates a lot of confusion while facing the interviews and it is essential that they should go through the subjects thoroughly so that their preparations for the interviews does not take inordinate time.

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    That is true. That is why these even in colleges and schools there are oral tests. Viva-voce will be conducted in degree and PG courses. In these oral examinations, 3 or 4 professors will sit and interview the candidate. The candidate has to answer the questions. The purpose of this test is to make the student ready to face interviews in future.
    These days what you know is not important but how best you present them before others is very important. That is why all the students should learn how to face the audience. One should not get nervous and should be able to talk boldly. This will come only by practice. I faced Viva-voce examinations in my B.Sc. M.Sc and PhD.
    One should get trained in this art also. My brother got selected for the SBI officer post in the written test. Then he has to face the oral examination. One of my relations was working in SBI as an officer. I sent my brother to him for ten days to get the required training. He guided him. He conducted even mock interviews also by calling some of his friend's members of the interview board. Finally, my brother got selected as PO in SBI. This has happened in 1990.

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    I do agree with the author that along with the academic excellence of the candidate the preparedness to the ultimate interview is also important and that includes, aptitude test, reasoning, general knowledge and the subject knowledge. While bookish knowledge is good with many, they are failing with general knowledge and what is happening in the country. That means they must read the news papers or watch the new channels to keep posted the latest happenings. Likewise aptitude and reasoning must be learned from the past papers or model papers and have contacts with those who already attended big intereviews and how they were asked questions and how they fared. One thing is sure the preparedness to the ultimate intereview should be with full heart and not with half try. That means the result should be favourable.
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    It is a valued suggestion and can be introduced in final year of graduation/post graduation. It removes the fear/chaos/hesitation in aspirants when facing interview as well it removes the isolation mentality in students and develop confidence in them.

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