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    The untiring zeal of volunteers

    Some people are having great volunteering spirits and slowly with their small contributions they perform massively. My town Kharghar is in the vicinity of Kharghar hills where many people visit during rainy season to enjoy the temporary water falls at various places. Just adjacent to the Kharghar golf course there is a narrow pedestrian path going up in the hills and ending at the villages located above on the top of these hills. There are 2-3 volunteers who have planted a large number of plants in the beginning area of this path up to a distance of 300 meters. They have also covered some plain areas wherever available along it. I once happened to go there and just talked to them and came to know that they were doing it for last 6-7 years continuously and after the rainy season were also watering these plants by bringing water from nearby places. Some of the plants have almost become trees and giving shade and beauty to the place. They also told me that some plants did not survive and died.

    They are all retired people and contributing to the environment in such a great way. I am much impressed with their relentless pursuit for enriching our surroundings. Have you come across such selfless works?
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    This world survives with the good heart of someone who cares for others and if a peer group of good doing persons unite and take up the work for the cause of others that should be formidable and more rewarding. The work of retired people contributing to the environment is really a great thing and even the collector of the district must be feeling shame for not having got this thought. In our area a old person cleans the drainage on his own, as he feels we should not wait for the civic people to come as they make late and the damage of overflowing already done. Such far thinking people are rare in the society. There are people who get much solace in doing the social work through which they get immense satisfaction but the government should not take it easy and should involve with them to develop further on the same initiatives.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many people think about them and their families only. But there will be a few people who always think about others and the nation. They work for their families as well as for others also.
    My elder son always comes forward to serve others. The other day his friend met with an accident and he was to be admitted to a hospital. The hospital is asking for an advance of 1.5 Lakhs. His friend was alone and unconscious. In such a situation, another friend called him and explained the issue. He said that he is having Rs.75,000/- with him. Immediately my son went there and transferred the remaining Rs.75,000/- and saw that his friend will get admitted to the hospital. Every month he donates Rs.15000/- to a Gosala in our native place. My first daughter in law works for an NGO without taking any salary. Like that there are many people who serve either by cash or kind. We should appreciate such persons who do service to fellow human beings.

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