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    Private hospitals has to procure vaccines through Cowin app

    India has been improving upon the Covid management as new ideas are emanating daily in the minds of policymakers and in dramatic action, the central government has imposed a ban on private hospitals procuring the vaccines directly from the manufacturers thereby stopping their money earning spree and henceforth every vaccine they procure would be accounted for. Had this been introduced long back many would not have paid 1400 per vaccine shot and now the regulated supplies to them would assure no corruption and nepotism. Do you feel this is the right measure to contain private hospitals over action in vaccination?
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    Whether it is procured directly or through the government, the manufacturer has to account for the quantity they have to produce. So there is always a way to know the quantities manufactured or imported by each supplier. As such it may not make much difference.
    The rates are fixed by the government and all are paying as per that only. Today I and my wife got the second dose of the vaccine in a private hospital in Hyderabad. We paid Rs.1500/- for both of us for Covishield. If the private hospitals directly procure the vaccines, the manufacturing companies may prefer giving them as they may get some money in advance and the remaining at the time of delivery. But if they give to the government there may be some delay in payment. That may cause short supplies to the government. That is why the government might have gone for this procedure.

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    After seeing continuously erratic and counterproductive decisions by the central government especially with regard to Covid vaccination, I have a feeling that the central government has lost a lot of its goodwill acquired by many relevant, useful, nation-building
    and welfare giving acts and decisions taken since 2014. The decisions, announcements and implemented actions in regard to Covid vaccination make me recall my history lessons about Tuglak's reforms.

    I feel that the government avoids consulting even the ruling party MP s and field level functionaries. This is very clearly seen from the hesitation and dilemma for the BJP/NDA party functionaries to put convincible justifications in defending the central government's actions.

    Somehow we get a feeling that the government lacks transparency even in very essential matters. It is this lack of transparency and non-emanation of actual facts from authentic sources, that result in vested in and absolute lies and manufactured versions to spread around as truths and reality. The innocent people are thus compelled to believe these doctored, edited and misinterpreted versions as truths. There was no one from the central government side to come out with full real facts and full data to disprove the allegations of the opposition parties.

    A very smoothly going vaccination drive initially (for senior citizens and those with co-morbidities issues) suddenly changed into a chaotic situation by the government's unrealistic, unevaluated announcements of procedure changes. By this none got satisfied and everyone got disappointed and betrayed. The lack of foresightedness, not having a concrete data basis for procurement, stock, pricing and distribution of vaccines led it to a big fiasco and bottleneck. This writer also became so frustrated and helpless in not getting a vaccine slot even after spending many hours navigating on the Cowin site.

    The central government which was seemingly adamant and not ready to amend its erratic decisions and wrong implementations had to practically change its stand under court intervention and mounting protests. Thank God that things did not turn into worse happenings.

    As of today, I feel the central government has lost its grip on the vaccination front and had to meekly submit to the multinational pharma lobby. Had it done a thorough homework and consulted all parties and field level party workers and officials, at the very initial stage itself, things would have been far far better. Now, we lost time, goodwill and money also.

    What the central government has now done is putting manure when it is harvesting time. Better late than never! God bless us.

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    The initial arrangement of the government was to procure the vaccination directly from the manufacturers and it was to be distributed to the different outlets for easy administration to the public. This policy was later changed and was even extended to the private hospitals to expedite the administration process of the vaccinations. Though the private hospitals were charging some extra amounts by way of profits but the process helped the needy to get the vaccination in time. This is not the time to calculate the profits the private hospitals are making but to ensure how the process is being expedited for the speedy coverage of the mass in the vaccination drive.
    So far, the rate of vaccination has been slow enough and at this rate, it will take years to cover the entire population. If we lack in the vaccination drive not providing vaccination within six months, we would fail in checking the corona pandemic. Considering the current position, the government should not unnecessarily be sensitive to the extra profits earned by the private hospitals but encourage such hospitals for speedy administration of the vaccines to save the population from the pandemic.

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    The government is forced to change the vaccine policy due to the intervention of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has done a great service to the people of the country by taking Suo moto cognizance of the Covid management.
    The people who do not want to go through all the hassles of getting a slot for vaccination, and can afford to pay for it will go to private hospitals. This may ease some burden on the government.
    Mr. Venkiteswaran has clearly expressed that the changed vaccine policy was erratic and counterproductive. I really wonder what was the agenda of the government in changing a policy that was going on very smoothly? The advice of the committee members appointed by it was also ignored. The warnings about the second wave were disregarded. It was overconfident and busy with the West Bengal elections. Add to this Kumbh Mela where lakhs of people converged disregarding covid protocols. This government is a one-man show and lacks transparency not only in covid management but all the matters of governance. When there is no transparency, doubts will naturally arise. Many lives of the people were saved by the timely intervention of the Apex Court.

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    As the Covid and vaccination policies were new many errors occured and India has been learning and mending its ways.
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    The Cowin site now also has an age group of 18 and above. Can someone explain why? When there is an age group of 18 to 44 and one for 45+, how does 18 and above differ from those? Won't it create confusion?
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