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    Many of our measurements are imperfect.

    Many of the criteria are incomplete. It is not possible for anyone to fully measure anyone. Each gauge is making with the manufacturer's intentions and standards. How can we measure the emotions like love, compassion, compromise, and survival? How can you convince those who do not keep anything about measurements? How do you ask about the quantity given and consumed to those who give more than one needs and accept only their necessity instead of taking whole? Is there any device in the world that can measure weight and quality at the same time?

    Nothing is to be judged by what is seen or heard. There may be more or less beyond our eyesight and heard by our ears. How much better it would be for ones who value others' other abilities and excellence before despising in the name of others' shortcomings. How much better would this world be if we took self-corrective assessing measures instead of making instruments in our minds to measure others?
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    Measurements cannot be perfect, and it may be nearly true or far being true. If the measurements are true and happening there would not be difference of opinion and complaints. Suppose the love life between the two young couple cannot be taken as full just because both understands each other well. This can be tested when each was told about other about a complain and how they react is the scene to be seen and believed. It is always difficult to get true picture of any person, but his bad deeds can be known easily and faith between the life partners need to be beyond any scope of doubts.
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    Even the meters that are available for physical measurement of certain properties, no two meters show the same. This is a very well known fact. That is why the concept of calibration and comparing with a piece of standard equipment is introduced. For example, a thermometer we purchase should be having a calibration certificate and should have a reference to the standard equipment. Otherwise, we can't depend on that meter. Digital meters are more prone to showing the wrong results.
    In such a condition, how can we measure the feelings of human beings where there are no metres are available. A mistake done by the daughter may appear negligible to her mother. But if the same mistake is done by the daughter in law the mother may become a mother in law and the mistake may appear big. So it is the individual who should make his own set of rules and principles so that his measurements will be the same in all situations and conditions. We can't make a machine which will measure them correctly.

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    Measurement in terms of emotions can not be perfect even if it's about those emotions that are very close to us then it is quite natural to imperfect in measurements. So it's mostly approximately, as it does not provide a static value of measurement. The author is correctly said that what we seeing or hearing may not rue all the time and many times we make decisions on the behalf of those untruths or uncleared statements. As far as self-accessing is concerned it may sound easy to listen to but could be a little bit difficult to implement. But when we improving ourselves in all ways then it is always beneficial for one person only that is none other than us. Maximum times we measure the emotions or feelings of others as per those standards that made by our own values so it can never be a perfect measurement.

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    It is because we are not supposed to measure others' emotions in any way. Many of us are habituated to judge others in terms of some standards set by ourselves and when those standards are not met we begin to complain about a person to someone else. If you feel somebody is loving you just feel it and remain happy. Now if you start comparing who loves you more then a lot of time will be wasted and unnecessary questions will keep popping up in your mind. Everyone is different and it is always better to stop the measurement and respect their uniqueness.

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