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    July 1st Doctors Day! Let us honor them for their services!

    National Physicians' Day 2021:

    In the middle of the pandemic, as India continues to battle the terrible virus, our Frontline Warriors, including our doctors, are fighting to preserve our lives. There's no better day than today, National Doctors Day, to show our appreciation for our medical heroes.

    The tough circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have reminded us once again of the everyday efforts and sacrifices made by physicians and healthcare workers all across the world. Doctor's Day is observed on various days across the world to honor this great profession.

    My way of honoring:

    A successful practize does not appear out of nowhere. Rather, it's the consequence of a doctor's capacity to develop connections with the individuals he or she treats, as well as a strong, long-term dedication to quality in treatment. For physicians who operate in small private or group offices, more business means a lot.

    If your doctor is taking new patients, spread the word! It demonstrates your trust in and satisfaction with the treatment you receive, and there isn't much greater than that.
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    The service of the doctors to humanity is valuable. I salute all the doctors and the other paramedical staff that are engaged in this humanitarian task. Many a life is saved by them even in normal times.

    I only wish they realize their responsibility to human life and follow the Hippocratic Oath which they take throughout their service.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    On this day my special thanks to our family doctor who has been so helpful and even consulted him at wee hours for any problems and suggestions. Without doctors our lives would be without hope and without any meaning. Doctors have played their significant role during the challenging situations across the country. In my house also my daughter is the budding doctor who is now in the fourth year. Probably by July next year she would get the title of MBBS and thereafter she has to pursue the intern and then the PG. Good to have a doctor at the house always and that would benefit the relatives and nearby people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I express my deep appreciation to the doctors and the concerned staffs for their full dedication in the hours of crisis. They were so much engaged that they forgot their snacks, lunch and dinners while contributing to their service during this pandemic phase. Some doctors were found rendering their duties even after the expiry of their duty hours. Their continued support of the patients has relieved a lot during their treatment.
    However, some of the doctors were unfortunate loosing their lives due to infection of corona from their patients. They are no more but their unparalleled service will be remembered by all of us. Once again, my thanks to the entire community of the doctors for their excellent services.

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    A doctor is none other than a God whom we can see. God has given us life and the doctor is protecting us so that we will have a healthy life.
    Many doctors during the pandemic served the patients keeping their safety and their family aside. They were in quarantine in their houses for months together as they are serving the needy and not even talked to their kids for long. Whatever money we paid will never be equivalent to the courage and affection they have shown. During the course of their service to the needy many doctors last their lives because of COVID19. We should salute such doctors and the government should see that their families will never suffer financially because of the departure of their head of the family.
    There are doctors we served the poor free of cost and such doctors deserve special appreciation. I feel the Central government and State government should honour some doctors who served the nation with a commitment on this Doctor's day.

    always confident

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    Doctors are the agents of God. They should realize this themselves and offer their services. Many doctors I am seeing assembled themselves and run poly clinics in some areas at nominal fees. This is a good move for their services.
    In those days people have a particular doctor as 'family doctor' for their family members, the doctors too remember well about the body conditions of all family members which results in quick diagnosis and treatment without unnecessary tests. On referring only by the family doctor they moved to specialists.
    I have seen many famous doctors without dignity serviced for public.

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    Doctors are also a person like us but the work they do for the human world is beyond the human. A doctor believe its first duty is to cure the patient and he/she will do all the efforts to save a human life or to help human to live a healthy life. Last year we have seen many doctors forget about everything about their family their own life and just giving all day night duty to their corona patients, where the lifetime risk was high but they did not give up and some of them fought even their last moment.

    A grand salute to all Doctors of the world.
    A Happy National Doctor Day to All!!!!!!!

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    On National Doctors Day, my salute to the doctors for keeping mankind safe and healthy. Many times they had to perform their duties facing all odds and during this pandemic, they are the saviours. Their dedication and responsibility towards the patients are what makes them so special. Life is precious and so are the doctors and the entire medical fraternity.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Doctors are very important for the society and during the pandemic we have seen not only how important they are but also as how much they were exposed to the infection as the hospitals were the areas of high virus contamination. Many doctors got this virus infection and some of them are no more with us. We can only imagine as how much difficult the job of a doctor in today's condition. I salute to these doctors who are doing their duties regularly and with dedication in spite of so much threat to their own lives. Today they are fighting like the soldiers are on our borders.
    Knowledge is power.

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