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    Should there be one more surgical strike on Pakistan ?

    Over the past one week seven drones were suspected to be operated from the Pakistan side targetting Indian defence installations and there was urgent meeting chaired by PM attended by Defence Minister and Home Minister along with head of the three services. India cannot keep quiet as the ulterior motives of the Pakistan terror groups has been exposed as India tightened the infiltrtions to large extent and rogue country want to give challenge through drone strikes. India is ready to teach a lesson again. Do you agree and support ?
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    If the other country is doing something against the interest of our nation. the government should not keep silent. They should closely watch the movements of the enemy country and take appropriate actions at an appropriate time so that the enemy country will not go for any unwanted actions and create problems for the nation.
    Already the country is suffering from COVID and had a very bad financial condition. In these troubled times again war against another country is not advisable. But if the other country wants we can't keep silent. However, we should not initiate any struggle. But if the other nation is coming forward and provoking us with their actions, a lesson should be taught to them and the government will not keep silent. The government is capable of doing the right thing. So we all should stand by the government irrespective of our affiliations and support the government in dealing with situations to teach a lesson to the enemy country.

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    This is new type of terrorism to which why America is silent and not condemning Pakistan overtures.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Though we are peace loving people and would not like any interference from any external in case of distortion of peace and if Pakistan is engaged in such an affair which can disturb our defence installations, we should not hesitate in offering the appropriate reply from our side. Any delay from our side would be taken as our weakness and the opponent will act more aggressively. In case of our engagement in any defence strengthening, we need some more resources to be put in the defence sector. Since the country is going through the pandemic phase, we do feel the crunch of the resources. Before we take up any step involving financial expenses in that direction, it is always better to have a frank discussion with Pakistan explaining everything we would do in case emergency arises.

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    How can a discussion be possible if the enemy country keep on giving us the trouble through terror plots,
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hold on! When tensions rise between the two countries many people begin to think of themselves as army men. Our defence is strong enough and keeping a close watch on the situation. Whatever action they find suitable will be initiated. Let them do their job. I hope the media also will not be so casual by divulging many important things through talk shows. While tackling the enemy is important it is equally important to look into the core issues inside the country. This should not be neglected by giving more attention to something else.

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    This is right that our defense system is enough good to handle such issues, and we are too lucky to have a strong defense system then only we feel ourselves too safe. The battle may not the end of some disputes but this is right to be more careful when you have an idea of an upcoming danger against your security. That was a very sad moment when 40 soldiers of our country have been lost their lives and then a surgical strike has been performed by the country. I think the government and defense system will take care of all issues wisely.

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    This is not a subject for us civilians. It is the job of the army and the government. They are capable of making the decision.
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    Where a needle only has to be used it is foolish to use a pick axe.
    Only aspirin, Anacin or Saridon (those days) and Paracetamol (now a days) to be used for small seasonal headaches or even migraine. Pethadine is not to be used for that.

    Let us not make a joke of some serious emergency response action. Our Armed Forces know when, where and how to give a retaliating, deterrent response matching and befitting the offense and dirty games played by our enemies.

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